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This compilation is dedicated to all the horror fans who find main stream society too mundane; you could always shake things up and join a cult!

And to my boyfriend: the sexiest sociopath I know.

Now, let's get our pants charmed off by these amazing cult inspired films!

Last Shift (2014)

John Michael Paymon; where do I even begin? Oh right, I should probably begin with this:

Hello, my name is Rachael, and I suffer from hybristophilia.

That felt good. What a relief...

Last Shift is super creepy, demonically inspiring, and for some reason, it leaves me begging to be one of John Michael’s girl. He’s just so charming and sexy and dreamy, and uhhhhh, *sploosh* damn it…choose me John Michael!

If you are uncontrollably attracted to charismatic killers; if you find Manson-esque cult leaders undeniably sexy; if demonology and the occult excite you, this movie is for you.

All Hail John Michael Paymon (Paimon): King of Hell.

Starry Eyes (2014)

Appropriately titled film, considering this is a flick centered around a young woman with stars in her eyes: dreaming of a life full of fame and fortune. Let us not forget the minor detail of a cult worshipping an ancient astrological deity (I love a good pun, how clever). Seriously underrated, and morbidly metaphorical for what it takes to make it onto the silver screen, (although this still seems easier, but don’t ask me, I’m just a camera shy writer).

Starry Eyes presents us with a victoriously dark, and personal metamorphosis; and I must say, I truly adored the the main character Sarah. What Sarah lacked in integrity, she sure as hell made up for in vicious ambition. Played by the gracefully bewitching Alex Essoe, there wasn’t a moment of her acting that made me doubt the authenticity of it all. She was brilliant, convincing and promising. Certainly is a name you should keep an eye out for.

Martyrs (2008)

Martyrs (or as I prefer to call it: Movieception: the movie within a movie, within a movie), may not be my favorite film of all time; but that doesn’t stop me from (confidently) declaring this the greatest film ever made, (not obnoxiously or anything,only when someone asks my opinion of course). In order to fully appreciate this poetically disturbing masterpiece that is Martyrs you must make sure to watch the original 2008 French-Canadian release. There is a particular je ne sais quoi to this film, although attempted, could never be replicated.

Raw, relentless, brutal, and penetratingly beautiful, Pascal Laugier truly is a cinematic artist.

My face when I first heard of the US (2015) remake.
My face when I first heard of the US (2015) remake.

Holy Ghost People (2013)

Although this flick is a fictitious reimagining of a documentary by the same name from 1967, it still manages to provide its audience with a sense of realism that is really quite rare. ’The Butcher Brothers,’ (Mitchell Altieri, Phil Flores) may not be household names yet, but their versatile style of horror is both contemporary, and brutal. Accompanied by writer Kevin Artigue, and writer/actor Joe Egender, these collaborative minds succeed in entering viewers into the life of living in an extremist Christian colony; or perhaps the dangers of crossing one.

Keeping many elements of the original documentary, Holy Ghost People was not only ominously charming, but it was vindictively satisfying as well.

The Sacrament (2013)

Reminiscent of, but not officially based on the Jonestown massacre, this movie is an innovative and insightful view as to what it may have been like to be present during such a confounding event. Directed by the brilliant Ti West(V/H/S, House of the Devil, The Innkeepers), and starring Joe Swanberg (V/H/S, You’re Next), you can not escape the nostalgia these two bring to found footage horror. Accompanied by another familiar face, AJ Bowen (House of the Devil, You’re Next), only adds to the authenticity and sentimentality of this kick-ass found footage film.

Both insightful and foreboding, I highly recommend The Sacrament to all found footage, cult enthusiasts and horror fans alike.

Helter Skelter (2004)

Jeremy Davies played the perfect Charles Manson; there, I said it!

Left: Jeremy Davies Right: Charles Manson
Left: Jeremy Davies Right: Charles Manson

Contrary to popular opinion I think this movie did a great job at telling the Charles Manson story. Based primarily off the testimony of Linda Kasabian, and the prison-confession of Susan “Sadie” Atkins, the story told is an accurate depiction of the events that transpire during the Tate, LaBianca, and Hinman murders. Admittedly this film, (as do most true crime), is lacking many of the details, and the timeline is a bit obscure at times, but to be fair, cramming the entire Charles Manson story into a 2 hour feature film would be impossible.

Bonus: This film is currently streaming on Youtube!

Director John Gray did a remarkable job at covering the highlights of the case, as well as those of the original novel (of the same name), written by Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, and Curt Gentry. Starring alongside Davies is B-screen queen Marguerite Moreau (Wet Hot American Summer, Firestarter 2) as ‘Sadie,’ Clea DuVall (The Faculty, American Horror Story), as Linda Kasabian, and the ever popular McSteamy, Eric Dane, ( Valentine’s Day, Grey’s Anatomy) as Charles “Tex” Watson.

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