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We finally know! You may recall if you ever watched Friends (of course you did) that in the apartment across from the main apartment the series takes place in (which at various times has been Monica and Phoebe's, Monica and Rachel's, Chandler and Joey's and Monica and Chandler's) there once lived a man who never wore clothes. The friends affectionately dubbed this man, whose real name was never revealed, to be "Ugly Naked Guy". Here's a reminder of all the times they dealt with the exploits of this large man.

Of course, despite being mentioned by the friends in a lot of episodes, he was only ever seen on screen twice. Once while they poked him with a large device to check if he was alive, and once when Ross got naked in his apartment with him to try and get his apartment. However, his face was never shown, and the mystery of his true identity has haunted many a fan for years. Oh... no I guess it probably hasn't, that would be pretty weird actually. But it's still pretty cool to know the truth. Let's take you through the saga.

Todd Van Luling, a writer over at Huffington Post, has recently finished a year long quest to find the true identity of the Ugly Naked Guy. It was a long hard journey, which began with a false assumption made by many about the character.

Michael Hagarty

Looks about right, no? Michael Hagerty played building superintendent Mr Treeger on the show, and as such somebody somewhere assumed that he also played Ugly Naked Guy, who he seemed to bear some resemblance to. This apparently started on Wikipedia, and siphoned across to the likes of IMDB and even the Friends Wiki site. However, when asked about the role, Hagerty swore he didn't play Ugly Naked Guy.

Thus the quest continued. Van Luling went to the casting director of the two episodes in which Ugly Naked Guy appeared, only for her to tell him she couldn't find any information on who had been cast in the role. He continued through a number of people involved with the show, and had a number of false alerts and clueless people on his hands, but persevered regardless of the challenges thrown in his path. He tried to pay artists to draw police sketches, and eventually started to think it may all have been a conspiracy, that Ugly Naked Guy was a shared delusion of the friends, as the building he lived in changed dramatically over the course of the series!

See how different they are?
See how different they are?

He became convinced for some time that UNG was actually just a ghost, and that is why nobody remembered him. However, after an entire year of searching, Van Luling reached out again to Central Casting, who finally had the answer. It turns out that Ugly Naked Guy was, in fact, played by...

Jon Haugen


Van Luling finally found the answer and got the chance to speak on the phone with Haugen, who told him definitively:

“There’s only one Ugly Naked Guy, man, and that was me."

And now we know guys, now we know.

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