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It's not uncommon for directors to pop up in their big screen outings. I mean, just look at Quentin Tarantino! But did you spot filmmaker Bryan Singer in his blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse? Nope, neither did we! With Wolverine's recent cinematic kill count, Singer added one more notch to the total, meeting his untimely end on the pointy end of razor-sharp adamantium claws.

In an interview on Empire Spoiler Podcast, the Apocalypse director revealed his most dramatic appearance yet:

"I have a little cameo, I'm the guy with the machine gun — screaming. When I look at it, I couldn't recognize myself so I knew no one else could. But it was cool to get killed by Wolverine. It's now one of the many things I can put on my résumé."

This isn't the first time that Singer has appeared in one of his X-Men films; he made a brief cameo as a prison guard in 2003's X2, followed by a more prominent role as a camera-wielding bystander in 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Singer's cameo in "X2."
Singer's cameo in "X2."

Both Singer and Hugh Jackman's appearances were a late addition to the new film, with Jackman returning to screens as Wolverine for the eighth time. It is (now) no secret that Wolverine plays a part in the latter half of the film, but as possibly the film's biggest Easter Egg, it also perfectly drums up enthusiasm for the character in time for the upcoming Wolverine 3.

Singer went on to explain that Wolverine was added as part of the film's reshoots:

"We went back later to film the Wolverine segment because Hugh was training for the next Wolverine sequel and we wanted him in a certain kind of shape. At first, Hugh was reticent to do it, but once I explained it to him, what the scene is and why it's there, he agreed to do it over the phone, which is unusual. Usually there's a bit of negotiation involved, but he said 'You can call my agent, but I'm in, I love it.'"

The Weapon X storyline also played a part of the film's post-credit sequence and queues up several possibilities for both Apocalypse's sequel and Wolverine 3. Despite claiming he's hanging up the claws for good, Jackman's cameo forms just one of the nods to the comic history, in a film that packs more Easter Eggs into its 147-minute run time than we care to mention. While you couldn't miss Wolverine, Singer's appearance as an Alkali Lake soldier is one that we all missed until now. But can you blame us? Just another reason to go back and enjoy the film for a second, third or fourth time; look out for the screaming Singer moment and tell your friends!

So there we have it, Bryan Singer sliced and diced by Hugh Jackman. If only it was director Brett Ratner who had met a grisly end as payback for The Last Stand. Can someone get his number for Wolverine 3, please?

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