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You can rest easy! Meredith Grey is back and better than ever!

After an explosive and controversial 12th season that followed the exit of one of the show's lead and most loved characters, fans were left to wonder what the future of Grey's Anatomy had in store. In Season 11, when the show killed off Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), it was a huge blow, but apparently not to the ratings!

Season 12 came and finished strong with better ratings than ever in ABC's key demographic, as well as one of the strongest seasons coming from a creative standpoint. This was a huge success considering many had thought the show would die out with Dempsey's exit.

Still, as devastating as his loss was, the show has always been Meredith Grey's story, and ABC isn't done telling it! Ellen Pompeo has officially been confirmed to be returning to Grey's Anatomy for Season 13, and the show will go on! Ellen will carry the show as its lead, and her rep confirmed that the actress had just finished inking the deal to return and keep Grey's Anatomy going strong!

This is a huge relief to fans who were worried the show was losing its best characters one by one, which would ultimately lead to its cancellation. Well, now we can party, because the show is safe and Meredith Grey is sticking with us through thick and thin, because she is our person, and we are hers.

The Season 12 finale left a lot in question (like Jo and Alex, and if Jo will be able to convince Alex he simply walked in at the wrong time — can she reveal the real truth behind her declining his proposal?).

The minute Meredith thought maybe she was opening up again, Maggie confided in her that she likes Riggs. Drama! I love it so much! Just let Meredith be happy, OK? This is why we needed Meredith back, and I am just so glad we have no reason to doubt she'll be here. To Season 13, and beyond!


Do you think 'Grey's Anatomy' could have made it if Ellen Pompeo hadn't returned?


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