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Earlier, FX officially green lighted eight episodes of a show based around the X-Men character Legion. But who exactly is Legion? Here's everything you need to know about the ultra-powerful, omega level mutant.

It's Not All In the Name

Legion's given name is David Haller. He took on the last name of his mother, Gabrielle Haller, who was a diplomat in Israel. The other half, however, is where the power comes from. David's father is none other than Charles Xavier, one of the world's most powerful mutants. Xavier remained unaware of David's existence for may years.

It IS All In His Other Name, Though.

Much like his father, Legion is a powerful psychic. A terrorist attack triggered his mutation, but the trauma also fractured his psyche and awakened other abilities, including flight, pyrokinesis, lycanthropy, super speed and strength, matter manipulation, and many more. Around fifty different personalities have appeared in comics, though the true number of personalities is said to be well over 1,000. From this, his mutant name was chosen, based on a verse from the Bible: "We are Legion, for we are many."

Psychic Puzzle Pieces

Legion isn't simply a broken kid with multiple distinct personalities. Sometimes, his personalities combine in various mixes, like Gestalt, shown above. This isn't a true personality, but rather an amalgamation of abilities that are generally under control of the true Haller, though it's arguable what exactly the true Haller is. Personalities can combine and work together for various reasons-sometimes to take control away from David, or, in the case of Gestalt, to restore his control and heal him.

Bad Hair Day

One of Legion's notable features is his hair. Oddly enough, it towers straight upwards. Any and all attempts to comb, brush, or otherwise style it fail miserably, and the hair returns to its "natural" form. It often morphs with his personalities, however, so it can be a good indicator of when Haller is actually Haller.

Legion is set to premier in early 2017, with Dan Stevens in the title role.


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