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Marvel's Agent Carter was recently cancelled by ABC after two seasons following the life of Peggy Carter in the '40s after the icy fate of Steve Rogers in Captain America: the First Avenger (2011).

The character is a favorite among Marvel fans and news of the show's cancellation and the events in Captain America: Civil War (2016) regarding her character indicates little hope for the Peggy to return again. Hayley Atwell and much of the cast of the television show have expressed their love for the show and their willingness to come back if given the chance.

Agent Peggy Carter has become an important part of the MCU and has shown up in many of the films in addition to Agent Carter and guest appearances on Agent's of SHIELD. There are many great moments that she has been apart of that have not only contributed to the events of the MCU but also have a great influence on the messages it presents to audiences.

1) Peggy was introduced in The First Avenger where she became close with Steve Rogers as he transitioned into a superhero. When Bucky is "killed", she comforts him with these words as he goes into battle against Hydra. Agent Carter is a great influence on Steve, who grew up as an outcast. His relationship with her gives him the confidence to become the great hero he was meant to be. She believed in him when no one else does and never gives up on him.

2) In Season 1 of Agent Carter, Peggy struggles with being respected as the extraordinary agent that she is in an office full of men. She proves herself through her actions and takes the issues in her own hands instead of waiting for someone to call upon her. When Agent Thompson is praised for her work, Carter acts with poise and selflessness explaining that all that matters is that she knows her worth above all else. Peggy exhibits this strength that women are often denied on-screen. Scenes like this one display success by Marvel to represent women as much more than damsels of distress often shown in comic book stories in the past.

3) In Winter Soldier, Cap is faced with corruption within SHIELD and must make difficult decisions in modern times. He pays a visit to an elderly Peggy who once again graces Steve Rogers with exactly what he needs to hear. She represents the time that has passed since Steve last fought a war. She tells him that he cannot expect to be able to do anything but his best and to move on from the past he once knew. As the events of Winter Soldier occur, he must realize what she says is true as he faces new obstacles.

4) In Age of Ultron, the Avengers meet Scarlet Witch, who unleashes their deepest nightmares to them. Cap imagines seeing Peggy again for their promised dance. During the scene, he is met with his reality that his home is long gone and he never got to have closure with the war he fought along side her. This scene shows how Steve still feels he is in a world that he doesn't belong even though he is apart of a team of superheroes who fight together.

5) In a truly heartbreaking scene in Civil War, Cap learns that his beloved Peggy has died at the age of 95. In the midst of arguing over the Sokovia Accords, he finds himself heading to England to say goodbye. Even in death, Peggy's wisdom guides Steve in deciding to stand his ground and fight for what he believes in as Sharon Carter shares Carter's quote at the funeral. Captain America is guided throughout Civil War to follow his morals leading him to save Bucky and fight Iron Man.

Agent Carter has played a significant role in the MCU thus far and we can only hope she will stop by again in future films or Marvel television shows. She is incredibly important to Captain America's story arc and she has guided him to become the hero he is. Peggy represents a strong female character who is a hero because she always does what is right no matter what. She also plays a big role in the creation of the department of SHIELD that begins the Avengers.

In Agent Carter, her character radiates these qualities along with the help of Howard Stark and Edwin Jarvis by her side. If you haven't checked the show out, it is highly recommended.

What's your favorite Peggy Carter moment and/or what about her has inspired you? Comment below!


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