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As you (probably) know, there is a new Spider-Man among us! Our new wall crawler, portrayed by British actor Tom Holland, premiered in the newest MCU installment Captain America: Civil War and will star in his very own solo movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. He perfectly captured the spirit of Spidey, especially during his first appearance:

Now, there have been rumors that the webslinger will have an updated costume from the one that was used in Civil War, but who knows — once again, these are all rumors. With all of this costume talk though, I decided to present to you 5 of my absolute favorite Spider-Man costumes! Enough talk, let's get into it!

5. The Spider Armor

This is bulletproof armor that is strong enough to stop high caliber rounds. There have been a few different versions of this costume (see below), but I still like the black and silver one. I mean, it did slow him down a bit, but you know what they say, I'd rather be slow than dead. They do say that, right?

4. Captain Universe

A lot of people don't like this suit, and I mean a lot. Personally, I think it gets undeserved hate. I mean, it does have a lot going on, but come on, it's a freaking Cosmic Spider-Man. I love the silver on his lower torso and legs, and the classic spider webbing showing on the lower half of his face. It shows that he is indeed, still our beloved Spider-Man. This suit even enhances his powers!

3. Fear Itself Spider-Man

This suit doesn't last long in the comics, but who doesn't like blue? I know I do! Those blue highlights for the webbing design and the glowing lines on the leggings are great! Also, the rad blade-thingies that come out of his arms? Oh boy, I love it! The suit is also made out of the same material that Thor's hammer is made out of. Sweet!

2. Future Foundation

Here's a fan favorite! This is the suit Peter donned after the death of The Human Torch. No matter what, you can never go wrong with Black and White. The thin black spider on his chest looks great, along with the all-white suit. The suit is made from unstable molecules, so it can change the way it looks, repair itself, and it never gets dirty. Comic logic, am I right?

1. Symbiote Spider-Man

Last, but definitely not least (my personal favorite), the black Spider-Man costume Peter wore following the removal of the symbiote suit. I'll be honest: I'm a sucker for simplistic designs — just look at it! All he has is the white-on-black color scheme with the big white eyes and giant spider on his chest. That's all you need in a costume!

And that, my friends, concludes my list of the best Spider-Suits! Thank you so much for reading!

Which suit is your favorite? Let me know!


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