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X-Men: Apocalypse just hit theaters this weekend, and it is so far doing relatively well at the box office. "Apocalypse" is the first movie in the X-Men franchise after the changes that were made in X-Men: Days of Future Past. That being said, everything that happened in "X-Men: First Class" is supposed to be untouchable, since it all took place before the events of DoFP. However, something seems to have been forgotten about from First Class as something that they set up in that movie was changed in Apocalypse. The question is what was that that change, and who was it done to?


Storm before her transformation
Storm before her transformation

That's right, Storm. Not only did they change her origin in the movie (which was one of my few problems with the movie), but they also forgot one thing.

Storm had already been introduced in the X-Men Universe.

Yes, we have already seen everyone's favorite weather witch in a previous movie. And it's not Halle Berry.

Spotted in the very first Cerebro
Spotted in the very first Cerebro

THAT is the first time that we see Storm. And look, she has white hair already! When she was much younger! Now, this very possibly couldn't be Storm, but it is pretty obvious that it is. We don't see her use her powers, but true fans of the comics, or even the old movies would know as soon as they saw her that this is Storm.

Now, the reason for this change is not exactly clear, and it doesn't sound like Apocalypse director Bryan Singer is meaning to come out with any explanation on this. The only explanation would be that because of the events of DoFP, everything has changed. However, with First Class taking place before DoFP, nothing from that movie should be changed at all.

So what do you think about this? What are your opinions? Do you think that this is merely a coincidence? I'd love to know everyone's thoughts on this. And if you haven't seen Apocalypse yet, I highly recommend seeing it, as it is a great movie.


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