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Till now Dragon Ball Super has aired 45 episodes and we are currently standing just 1 episode apart from the beginning of the mega-arc. As you all probably know by now, Future Trunks has been confirmed to make his return in episode 47 and we will also get an evil version of Goku for the first time ever! Here is


Okay, the theory is regarding Future Trunks, Black Goku and the upcoming arc overall.

The Theory: ‘Future Trunks is actually GT Trunks.’

According to this theory, the Trunks that is going to appear on Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 is the same Trunks we saw in Dragon Ball GT. Before detailing the theory further on; let’s check out the information we already have in hand.

This is how Akira Toriyama announced the upcoming arc-

‘“Next time in Dragon Ball Super adult trunks will make his first appearance in a long time. I put together this story based on a suggestion from the editorial office. Like last time I write the outline of the entire plot, then the script writers do their best to break it up into episodes, expanding on things, changing things around, or adding in new beats as need be.
Despite being so strong, Trunks barely escape from the future with his life.
The future was supposed to be at peace, so what in the world could have happened?
And what about this foe too strong for even Trunks to handle, Black Goku!? (Well, you can probably imagine what he is like just based on the name )
It’s the start of a battle that surpasses time and space, and drags in the god of destruction, kaioshin, even the omni-king. Many mysteries will be revealed!
There are some confusing bits with time changing here and there, but just bear with me. It should definitely turn out to be a fun story. Even I haven’t checked the final script yet let’s enjoy this together! “

Also from the website of TOEI we got two primary designs of Future Trunks. His hair is blue and he is comparatively skinny. On one design he is wearing the jacket, has swords on and a red scarf around his neck. The other one is a casual with sweaters on only and the sweater, however, is identical to the one he wears on Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

If we compare the looks of this design with Z and GT Trunks, it does like more like the GT one. As per the design, Trunks look quite slimmer than he was when he saw him the last in Dragon Ball Z. Yes, his Third Grade Super Saiyan transformation was muscular as fun* but even in his base form, he was very muscular. Contrarily on Dragon Ball GT Trunks never looked too muscular and the design we got has more similarity with GT Trunks in terms of Physique and overall look. I don’t see any good explanation as to why Future Trunks might have got skinny unless he stopped training like Gohan. Which is very unlikely being the sole savior of his timeline and being the guy we know he is, he would never stop training. So, we could say appearance wise Future Trunks is more like GT Trunks.

Dragon Ball GT Trunks
Dragon Ball GT Trunks

Now the thing is it has always been implied that Dragon Ball GT is from the original timeline and Future Trunk’s timeline. That is the same timeline that Goku currently is. Is the timeline of GT. But keep in mind that GT is a non-canon series the story has no impact on the official story. From the events that occurred in Dragon Ball Super now, it’s impossible to put GT as the future of the original timeline. How could they not for once transform into Super Saiyan God, mention Beerus-whis or the Dragon God while there was a Dragon Crisis.

Now mind what Akira Toriyama said, ‘There are some confusing bits with time changing here and there, but just bear with me. It should definitely turn out to be a fun story.’ So the point here is Dragon Ball Super might take the liberty of editing Dragon Ball GT’s original story. They will change some plots and it will be implied that GT is actually Future Trunk’s timeline and everyone was wished back or simply it’s just GT Trunks returning. And Akira Toriyama worded it the other way.

Dragon Ball GT has turned out to be disastrous. But nonetheless, money was spent on it. 64 episodes were made and there is a small fan group of it. Some young fans got introduced to the series through GT and thus have a liking towards it. So Dragon Ball Super might want to turn things around and instead of pretending like Dragon Ball GT doesn’t exist. The fans never saw anything like that they might edit the story and make it Future Trunk’s timeline. And thus, even that timeline has a big story they never met the god and thus went on to be Super Saiyan 4. As we all know GT ended with Goku joining shenron. So Goku in a sense becomes a god-like being. So maybe his soul was corrupted by someone and over the years turned Goku into a total evil inhumane beast that came to earth and started killing everyone and destroying everything. However, if they are going to re-write the story then they don’t even have to follow the original ending of GT. Just they will use the GT characters and plots which won’t harm the interest of Super and make Goku turn evil. In that way the GT characters still get a place in the official story and being displayed again becomes much more marketable and usable. It would have higher demand in video games and merchandise.

Dragon Ball Super Black Goku
Dragon Ball Super Black Goku

So, the concept in short is Dragon Ball GT will be re-written and shaped as the timeline of Future Trunks. The characters will remain, the concept of super Saiyan 4 will remain but the story can be absolutely changed. So, it can either be the same Future Trunks that appeared on Dragon Ball Z’s timeline or it could be another GT trunk who decided to time travel when things got really messed up. This will place Dragon Ball GT in the official story; the characters would become relevant boosting merchandise sales and gaming.

Now, guys! I want to remind you that. This entire theory was requested by a fan and I tried to make it sound as much as possible convincible and logical. I am the type of guy that likes to share all kinds of theories the likely ones, the unlikely ones, the crazy ones as long as it is fun.

Personally, I don’t agree with this theory. I don’t believe Toriyama would ever want to touch anything GT related. Most importantly the way Toriyama earlier said a popular future related character is going to return it was very clear that he was talking about Future Trunks. And in the announcement the term ‘ Future Trunks’ has been used. It has clearly been indicated that it is going to be the same Trunks we had in Android-Cell saga. And the story doesn’t go with the GT story at all. I know this theory is trying to imagine a scenario where GT would be edited to fit with the story. But that would mess up a lot of things and is not going to happen. Moreover, GT Trunks is very weak and would not make any sense at Super. Also, the fans would be extremely disappointed. This is the biggest factor the fans want the Future Trunks, not the lame GT Trunks. And the way I see it the upcoming arc was planned by Toriyama and TOEI to give a treat to the fans. This totally debunks the GT theory because by no means are they going to piss fans of like that and get negative reactions and risk the entire series.

GT Trunks
GT Trunks

As of now, Dragon Ball Super is doing quite good. It got good ratings and is also financially successful. Thus, they have confirmed at least 72 episodes already surpassing GT. And the upcoming arc with the involvement of Future Trunks and Black Goku which is the first ever evil version of Goku we will get to see. Now this hopefully double the amount of DBS viewers!

So what do you think?

Comment your theories and predictions and let me know.



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