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Showtime's dramedy series Shameless usually airs during midseason - airing from January to April each year. However, today Showtime released its fall schedule and Shameless is among the returnees.

Starting October 2nd, Shameless will begin airing it's seventh season. This news will come as a surprise for fans of the hit series, which only just finished airing it's sixth season in April. This shocking announcement means that we won't have to wait very long to find out what's next for our favourite dysfunctional family. The sixth season ended with Lip contemplating rehab, Fiona breaking up with fiancé Sean - on her wedding day - and Frank being an ass, as usual. The only person remotely happy was Ian who not only became a firefighter, but he's in a happy relationship with Caleb. Whether or not this happiness will last has yet to be decided.

As we enter the seventh season, we can't help but wonder whats next for the Gallaghers. Now single, Fiona will probably take some time to figure out who she is as a single woman again. Romance has often taken over her life, but now that Sean's no longer in the picture, maybe Fiona can rediscover all that she has to offer the world. Also, now that the kids are growing up, perhaps she'll contemplate what life has to offer her? We'd also love to see Mickey and Mandy return! As for Frank, who knows if he made it out of the ocean at the end of last season?

Yes, ecstatic!
Yes, ecstatic!

Shameless shows no signs of slowing down as we head into its seventh season and there are even rumours that producers have discussed plans for an eighth season and beyond. No complaints here - seven years in and Shameless is still one of the greatest shows that TV has to offer!

Shameless begins airing Sundays from October 2nd.

Are you excited about the early return for Shameless? What would you like to see in the seventh season? Tell me in the comments below!


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