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This is not a drill guys, there’s going to be a whole new Kardashian show to keep up with. E! have announced that spinoff show Rob & Chyna is going to be hitting screens later this year. Following Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s whirlwind romance that has taken Instagram by storm.

Six hour-long episodes will follow their relationship and journey to become parents including a special show about the birth of their lil baybay, the one true savior.

But what other drama can we expect from these two? Their relationship so far has been fraught with so much drama y’all. The announcement of their relationship was but a hairline fracture in the Internet. Guys, I’m so scared it’s going to break soon.

Following that were juicy rumours of Khloe kicking Rob out, Kris reportedly confronting Rob, to the inevitable to speculation that it was all a sham to get back at Kim for calling him fat. But you know that’s not going to be the end of it. Here’s some things we can only hope might happen on the show.

Rob Promotes his Sock Line!

As we’re all quite aware, Arthur George is the name of Rob’s sock line (yes, that’s totally a thing). One can only hope that he will pimp the shit out of these during the show. I’m expecting lots of ankle shots, a look at Rob’s theoretical sock closet, and feet resting on tables clad in only the best that Arthur George can offer.

Blac Chyna Changes Her Name!

We’ve learned that Blac Chyna (née Angela White) will be changing her name after marrying Rob. Will that happen on the show? We can only pray that Rob & Chyna includes a scene of her going down to the courthouse to become a brand spanking new Kardashian.

The Birth of Their Child Heralds The End of the World!

Artists rendition of a future Kardashian..
Artists rendition of a future Kardashian..

The birth of a new Kardashian will send shockwaves through the entire world. We will all marvel at our new lord and savior. All will bow down to our new Kardashian overload, heir to the empire and continuer of the name. I personally will be praying they call the baby something incredible.

Of course there will be more than we can even speculate. Tell me what you think is going to go down!

Are you excited to spend six hours of your life watching and then countless more reading about this online? Let me know in the comments.


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