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I'd be lying if I said I haven't preemptively judged a movie based on its trailer, or information released about it. From that point on I was convinced the movie would be terrible, and knew I wouldn't bother see it. However, I've since learned that not only is it not healthy to have this negativity, but I was also potentially missing out on decent movies (or films at least I'd enjoy). And while it's natural to have this defensive response (especially when a trailer has a questionable scene), it's not only unfair to the filmmakers, but it's also illogical to blindly hate a film without having seen it first. These four films in particular have received some strong backlash, and honestly I think people have gone overboard.

3. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The spin-off to last year's Star Wars: The Force Awakens has received some major buzz. However, it's recently been scrutinized due to the fact it'll be going through reshoots in the summer. Apparently, Disney executives were not satisfied with the movie's first cut and they requested changes (they believe the film wasn't staying true to the spirit of the Star Wars franchise). According to the Hollywood Reporter, the purpose of these shoots are to make the film more light-hearted, and fun. reported that fans aren't happy about the reshoots, and they were apparently very vocal about their displeasure.

The thing about these reshoots is if the executives genuinely believe the integrity and/or tone of Star Wars isn't being upheld then they still have a chance to potentially "save" this film. I'm not saying this is the case, and who knows-maybe, there's nothing wrong with it other than the fact it's not as family friendly as the previous film was. So, rather than taking a risk (despite a darker tone making this a more mature, and consequently substantial, movie) they prefer to play it safe, and have it be more "family-oriented."

2. Sing

Illumination Studios' second non-Minion related movie since The Lorax has already been dismissed by some and called a "Zootopia rip-off", and an unoriginal, commercial-driven mess. First off, the only connection this movie shares with Zootpia is the fact there's anthropomorphic animals (which has been done countless times in the past by films including Disney's Robin Hood, A Goofy Movie and Shrek). Plus, having read some info about the movie, I think it has a ton of potential. It includes not only modern music, but songs all the way back to the '40s, and it has a diverse cast of characters with different, but resonating motivations. The director/screenwriter Garth Jennings also has a decent track record with producing entertaining movies.

Although, I can't say I don't see where their complaints are coming from. The film's recent trailer is filled with modern music (that people are tired of hearing) and has a few cringe-worthy scenes (the three bunnies shaking their butts, and the last scene, for example). However, people need to realize that the marketers are trying to reach a certain demographic-which is children. You'll notice that in many kids movies the trailers are filled with current pop songs, pop culture references and they generally come off as being obnoxious.

1. Ghostbusters

I swear, in my twenty-three years of life I've never seen a movie garner so much hostility, contempt and disfavor before its theatrical release. This reboot of the '80s classic Ghostbusters has been BRUTALLY slammed with criticism. Its first trailer received the most dislikes of any Youtube movie trailer in history. Some of the rage has been directed at its all female cast, humor and the fact it's rebooting a beloved movie. Some of the fury it's attracted is partially based on the fact some people are sexist (I'm not calling those sexist who don't like the main cast being all women because they believe it's being used as a niche, I'm referring to those who don't like the main cast simply because they are women). And trust me, I loved the original (I know some of you think, well if you support this movie, then how could you love the original?), but they aren't just remaking the same movie plot point to plot point- (there is some originality). Where's the same backlash for Disney remaking Mary Poppins, or Ben-Hur (both adored, and iconic classics)?

However, I will say that the past two trailers (in my opinion) are poorly made. They're filled with unfunny moments (I've seen scenes from the film that were much funnier), and awkward pacing. I also believe that a lot of the anger towards this movie comes from the fact people are sick of remakes, and reboots (especially of their favorite movies) and this may have been the final straw for them. However, unfortunately as long as reboots and remakes are making money at the box office, they're not going away any time soon. So, don't vent your frustrations on one movie when everyone else is doing it.

What I'm getting at is to give these movies a chance. You may find they're actually good, or even if they're not, you might still enjoy them. You're honestly limiting yourselves when you preemptively think a movie's garbage, and don't even bother to see it. Now, I'm not saying that every movie you think is bad will always be worthwhile. There are movies you can clearly are lousy from the get-go and wouldn't you know it, they end up lousy. Although, keep in mind that barely anyone intends to make a poor movie (unless they're doing it ironically). So, try to stay open-minded and consider the possibilities. So, don't be so hard on films you haven't seen yet; who knows, it could be another favorite of yours.


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