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It looks like heartbreak really is the national anthem. After 15 months, music's most shippable couple, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, have parted ways.

Swift & Harris
Swift & Harris

The 26-year-old American pop sensation and the 32-year-old Scottish DJ got together back in March 2016, and it all seemed like a dream. Both of them were absolutely slaying on the music scene — Swift nabbed three Grammys this year including Album Of The Year for 1989, and Harris repeatedly topped Billboard charts with his Rihanna collab, "This Is What You Came For." After a while, those hectic work and travel schedules had to have taken a toll...

A source close to the couple told People that it was an amicable split:

"There was no drama. Things just don't work out sometimes. No one cheated."

Let's just hope it stays friendly, and Harris doesn't pull a Lautner and sell Swift's cell phone number.

Just a few months ago, the couple celebrated their anniversary with a tropical getaway that looked like the definition of :

And Swift shared this photo on Instagram of a locket engraved with their anniversary date: March 6, 2015:

Harris — whose real name is Adam Richard Wiles — even seemed to hit it off with the tight-knit Swift clan, as evidenced in photos from their winter vacay in Vail.

He'd even taken to sharing snaps of Swift's adorable cats!


As much fun as they were to ship, maybe it's all for the best. Rumor has it T-Swift has an album coming out this fall, so she could probably use this heart ache as fuel for another Grammy.

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How much are you going to miss shipping Calvin and Taylor?

Calvin and Taylor, Billboard Music Awards
Calvin and Taylor, Billboard Music Awards

Source: People


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