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The crossover of two beloved DC shows, The Flash and Supergirl, has raised a multitude of important questions: has the finale of The Flash erased events from the crossover? Will Zoom's reign of terror continue? Or, most importantly, will Barry and Kara fall in love?

The duo met for the first time during episode 18 of Supergirl's first season, hitting it off straight away after Barry utilised his superhuman speed (with a little help from the tachyon enhancer) to switch dimension, enter an alternative version of Earth and save Kara from a fall. What a guy.

Throughout the episode, the pair demonstrated strong chemistry, and teamed up to battle Livewire. Fans are eager to see more of them on screen, which has become a distinct possibility; not only has Supergirl switched to The CW network, The Flash actor Carlos Valdes has said Season 3 will be like "waking up in wonderland," with an abundance of exciting possibilities.

Barry's dimension hopping escapades may result in different relationships and characters, meaning his relationship with Iris West — which appears uncertain following Barry's father's death — may not be such a barrier.

A Good Match...

Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash himself, believes the pair could end up becoming an item in future crossover episodes. In an interview with DC All Access, the actor said he and Supergirl would "would be a good match," and also said:

"We had a really fun dynamic and I bet next year, there's probably more crossovers than we've ever had."

Or Too Similar?

So we've been promised more (yay!) and the they obviously get on well, so can we hope and prey for a little vigilante fornication? Well, if Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist has her way, maybe not. Also in an interview with DC All Access, she was less optimistic about a superhuman coupling, friend-zoning her alter ego's prospective partner. She said:

"I don’t know that they’d ever get together. I think they’re too similar. I think they’d like pig out on... I think they’re pals, pigging out on ice cream."

With The CW carefully crafting multiple storylines across their Arrowverse, and with Supergirl expected to meld in (in one way or another), regardless of a blossoming romance, we can still expect some awesome events in the show's upcoming respective seasons.

Would you like to see Kara and Barry fall in love?


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