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In her court filing accusing Johnny Depp of domestic violence, Amber Heard refers to "one severe incident in December 2015 where [she] truly feared for [her] life" and now, new images have been released that show Heard sporting injuries from this alleged assault.

The new images show what appears to be a bruised eye and a cut lip that were allegedly caused by Depp.

Amber Heard's injuries from the alleged attack
Amber Heard's injuries from the alleged attack

In documents that were filed May 27 in order to gain a temporary restraining order against Depp, Heard alleged that during the "entirety" of their four-year long relationship, Depp was "verbally and physically abusive" toward her.

Images from 2015 show Amber Heard's injuries.
Images from 2015 show Amber Heard's injuries.

Along with the shocking new images, ET has obtained some text messages that are said to be between Heard and Depp's assistant Stephen Deuters that also refer to the 52-year-old actor's abusive behavior.

The text exchange, which an anonymous source says is from May 2014, kicks off with a message from "Stephen" who is apologizing for an incident involving a man purported to be Depp.

ET has not yet managed to verify the recipients of the messages or determine whether they had been edited and have reached out to both Depp's rep and Deuters for comment.

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Source: People and ET


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