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"Could this be a whole movie, please?" - Nerdist

Back in Febuary, a small animation studio by the name of Airplan Studio and a band called Saverne launched a music video together. The music video went by the name of Hendrix and featured a strong, silent type, hero in a post-apocalyptic setting. A world that had been broken by a weird phenomenon, rendering everyone tormented by all sorts of different visions and hallucinations. On the hunt for a cure, this man goes through a lot of hardship.

The video was pretty successful and inspired both the studio and band to expand the universe that people enjoyed and create a new music video that would function as a sequel to the story. To do this, they've just started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo yesterday, aiming to fund the project and give back to their community while they are at it. The campaign can be seen here.

"This music video looks like someone dropped a weirdness bomb into Mad Max" - IO9
Saverne, Airplan Studio, Mad Max style
Saverne, Airplan Studio, Mad Max style

Some of the perks of their campaign include the music of the band, merchandise as well as more unique options. For example, you can have the band record a personalized voice mail for you or even become part of the new music video to be, by being drawn into the Hendrix universe as a character!

Creating 2D animation in this quality isn't easy, nor cheap. So what they are asking for isn't really a lot. Especially given the fact that a lot of the money goes to the perks for the people backing the campaign and that Indiegogo are going to take a cut of it as well. So please show your support for this project. Even just sharing it amongst friends and family will help them out a lot.

Here's an animation breakdown of the Hendrix music video from their campaign, just to show some of the effort they put into their work.

What did you think of this campaign? Is it a project you want to see more of? If so, I would advise letting them know by sharing their work and showing the world about these awesome 2D animations!


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