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K&K produce kick ass action! Cool effects! And all the other stuff that you love about film!
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K&K productions are currently in pre-production on a ten minute short film based on Marvels Cable! After the runaway success of Deadpool many fans (including ourselves) were left wanting to see Cable get the live action treatment. With well over a year until Deadpool 2, Cable Chronicles of Hope is here to fill that void!

We are two brothers (Harry and George), who run a production company called K&K Productions. We are producer/directors with a passion for viral videos, short films and promo work, both online and for Television. We have developed a niche in high action, VFX driven content and have got to work on some amazing projects over the last few years. We also run a successful YouTube channel under the same name and have over 40 million views on our videos. Want proof?! Check out a short montage of our work below.

More importantly we are huge comic book geeks! We both grew up on comics of all types and we are still avid readers today.

Having previously made short films about Batman, The Flash and other heroes, we are now turning our attention to one of our favorite Marvel characters...CABLE! This amazing character has yet to be showcased in live action and we think it's about damn time! With still well over a year until we see him appear in Deadpool 2, we thought we would wet your appetite with a ten minute short film based on our favorite cable story line 'The Second Coming'. This will mean some of your favorite characters will appear, including Hope Summers and X-mens Nightcrawler in a hugely action packed short.

BTS from our short Batman: The Bloody Valentine
BTS from our short Batman: The Bloody Valentine

"Second Coming" was the final part of a trilogy of stories that began with "Messiah Complex" and continued in "Messiah War". In this story almost the entire mutant population has been wiped out, with no new mutants being born. Until 'Hope' comes into the world. She is the mutant Messiah and the man put in charge of keeping her alive is Cable!

We want to make sure that this character is treated with the respect he deserves, so we will make the short film as high end as possible. The Second coming is such a great story, that we feel needs to be told. As this is a passion project, we have already invested our own funds to get things started, but we will need a little help from Cable fans complete the project. This is why we have started an IndieGoGo campaign and you can check out the campaign video below.

We've taken the time to create some perks that we think you guys will love, including Posters, t-shirts, Hoodies, producer credits, set visits and props from the film! So by contributing you will not only help us get the film made, but receive some sweet swag in return

We have an amazing cast and can't wait to get this project off the ground!

We think Solvi has the perfect look for the character of Cable and luckily for us he is a great actor and a massive fan of Marvel comics. He is possibly the perfect casting.

Christine is an excellent actress with a wide range of experience, from short films to features like 'Maria'. Plus she is a black belt in Taekwondo , so can kick some serious ass! We feel she really embodies the character of Hope.

Grant is an extremely talented martial artist and frankly one of the most insane kickers/trickers you will ever have the pleasure of watching in action. We plan to put these skills to good use and take NightCrawlers abilities to a whole new level.

Phillip Ray Tommy is an Independent Film maker, actor and trainee stuntman. A self confessed film addict, his love for film started at an early age when he saw Hooper for the first time. Standing at over 6ft 2, Phillip is a real tree trunk of a man and he will make a great Bishop.

We hope both readers and creators at Movie Pilot will join us this journey and become part of the film making process. We will be posting regular updates on the site as well as on all of our social media. Thank you for checking out our campaign and we hope we can make Cable fans proud!


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