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The Legend of Korra had a perfect run. The storyline was great and we got to see a lot of flashbacks and content that we didn't know about the Avatar. Similarly, Game of Thrones also has a storyline that has earned it praise as one of the best TV shows ever. Sharing his love for both franchises, talented illustrator Pip Reyes decided to create mashups between Game of Thrones Characters and The Legend of Korra - and the results are amazing!

Tyrion Lannister - Never forget Who You Are!

Tyrion as an Airbender looks great! It totally goes with his image as a true leader that is often underestimated. He may be a little selfish, but come on, give the man a break - he was frozen for almost a hundred years!

Arya Stark - Valar Morghulis

Arya looks like Toph! I guess this illustration happened before Arya was (SPOILERS!) forgiven by the faceless man, but she still looks determined to do everything and never give up, just like Toph.

Daenerys Targaryen - A Dance with Dragons

Dany looks like a fearless Firebender with her almighty Drogon ready for war. I have no doubt that this fire-bender would get back what belonged to her in the first place!

Jon Snow - For the Watch

Jon has been drawn as a water-bender. As part of the Water Tribe, he faces the white walkers with his Valaryian sword to keep the tribe protected.

Brienne of Tarth - Metal

A loyal guard and a perfect Metal-bender, Brienne has always been an honorable knight. This is really well suited to her character, and she looks great!

Ramsey Bolton - Blood Bender

He always has been the crazy psycho, and now he has the ability to bend blood - one of the most dangerous powers around! As we saw on The Legend of Korra, the only way to be safe from bloodbenders was to remove blood-bending completely, so that's what we need to see happening in Westeros. C'mon HBO, remove Ramsey completely!

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