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Now, if there's one thing that we free denizens of the movie-skewed interweb love doing, it's responding to things that haven't yet been officially confirmed by studio sources. In that glorious window in between credible rumors emerging and actual confirmation arriving, we can react viscerally to news — especially casting-related news — knowing all the while that there's a chance (however slim), that our collective voice may actually be heard and influence the ultimate decision.

As such, when news broke that Oscar-winning actress (and all around likable-seeming human being) Brie Larson is reportedly in line to play Captain Marvel for Marvel Studios, the internet responded, vocally.

And, as it turns out...

The Internet Has Mixed Feelings About Brie Larson's Potential Casting As Captain Marvel

In fact, while the response was nowhere near as near-universally negative as, say, the firestorm that followed Captain America's recently revealed major lifestyle choice, it seems that many fans are a little unimpressed by the prospect of Larson playing the fan-favorite superhero...

...while many fans offered up alternative options:

Others, meanwhile, adopted a more neutral approach, perhaps seeing Larson's casting as a pragmatic decision on Marvel's part, with the newly crowned Oscar-winner being both extremely talented and relatively inexpensive, albeit not an obvious visual match for the comic-book hero:

Others still, of course, were much more positive — suggesting they have seen the likes of Short Term 12 and Room...

...and have thus been completely won over by Larson's subtle, emotionally charged and often downright spectacular performances:

All of which leaves us with just as murky an idea of how the internet as a whole feels about the potential casting of Larson as Captain Marvel as we had before. Which, with the good Captain looking likely to have a key role in the MCU's immediate future — and being somewhat cued up by Captain America: Civil War — might be something that needs resolving fairly soon. A fandom-winning-over "leaked" image of Larson rocking the suit, perhaps?

In the meantime, though:

What do YOU think?


Would Brie Larson make a good Captain Marvel?

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