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Whoa. I mean. Just. Whoa.

One lazy evening my husband and I decided to rummage through Netflix and find something new to watch. That's when we came across this independent movie called Kung Fury. It's a tale about a time hacking ninja who goes to kill Kung Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, after he sends a rogue arcade game robot to kill him.

After reading that description, we decided that we could spend the 31 minutes to watch it.

Best decision we have ever made.

It was made by David Sandburg in 2015. It's based on old '80s cop and action movies, and was just made epic by the laser dinosaurs.

That's right. Laser dinosaurs. Who unfortunately went extinct during the Viking era.

You've got to watch this movie. But why should you use 31 minutes of your time to watch this seemingly ridiculous film? I'll give you three reasons.

1) The Action

Do you like guns, lasers, kung fu, and Thor? Then you will definitely love this movie. It is action-packed, and even has something for you gamers and computer geeks out there.

Instead of hopping into a time, his friend Hackerman hacks time and Kung Fury rides back to Nazi Germany on a word processor.

It's beautiful.

Now, I should warn you that it is pretty intense. You will get a ton of amazing fight sequences, reminiscent of video game fighting. But that's not really what I am talking about. Someone literally gets their spine ripped out of their body, and there is a ton of blood. But maybe you like that sort of thing.

And if you do...

Then this movie is for you.

2) The Characters

Not only does this movie have entertaining action, the characters make the overall story enjoyable as well. Who wouldn't want the British Triceracop as their trusty sidekick? Extremely polite, and surprisingly okay with a handgun, if maybe a little evil with his aim.

This movie even has Thor! Giant, ferocious, and a little too proud of his pecs. You may find him a bit creepy, but when people need him most, he is there.

This movie has the heroic protagonist, but every good hero has his tech guy. Hackerman was a interesting twist on your usual 'time-travel' genius. His hacking abilities take Kung Fury back in time to meet his evil nemesis, Kung Fuhrer.

This is probably my favorite thing about this whole movie. The villain of our movie is none other than Hitler, who wants this amazing Kung Fu power that Kung Fury has. Watching this character made me laugh throughout the whole movie.

Take out the entire Nazi army? Why not?
Take out the entire Nazi army? Why not?

And then there is our incredible hero. With his brutal ninja moves and Batman-like voice, Kung Fury is this ultimate cop out to keep his city safe. He does whatever it takes, even if it means hacking time and defeating Hitler.

3) The Dialogue

Yeah, that's my bicep.

Exactly. She reaches up to rub his arm, and this is what is said.

The dialogue in this movie is AMAZING. So many cliches, gags, and awesome one liners. My favorite is from the scene I already told you about. Remember that one? Kung Fury helping that guy's back problems?

Get it? Get it? I just love this.

Like the violence warning, I also have to warn about the language. The movie is not rated, but would probably be R because of the bit of language.

This movie has so many awesome aspects making it a movie I definitely recommend watching. I would have never thought of watching this on my own, so I'm glad we stumbled upon it! Now, I want to make sure you have this luxury too.


So what do you think? Will you watch it?

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