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So the recent MCU movie is the action-packed, characterful, movie that is the Captain America: Civil War. Many people were torn apart from this movie, having the heroes split sides and fight each other. Iron Man wanted to fight with the government, and Captain did not. That was what the plot was about. Iron Man's team consisted of War Machine, Vision, Black Widow, the newly introduced Black Panther and the long-awaited MCU appearance of Spider-Man. Cap's was the Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Falcon, and Ant-Man.

From the Thor movie, I have been interested with Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye. He was the one I always looked at in the movies. I was bummed about knowing he was going to retire in Avengers: Age of Ultron but when I knew he was going to return in Captain America: Civil War, I was excited. Many people don't actually like him, saying he was their least favorite Avenger. I didn't mind that.

Hawkeye was proclaimed as someone who can't miss. I always counted on that. Until CA: CW's mid-movie fight scene ended.

Hawkeye has already missed

Black Panther was known to have quick reflexes, and during his encounter with Hawkeye, he proved to have that.

The encircled object was Clint's arrow, which BP happened to dodge. But that was actually somehow hard. I think Clint was aiming for his head. BUt BP managed to dodge it, so nevermind. Yet, Clint didn't stop. He fired, again, another arrow. Which happened to be a miss again.

This picture doesn't show the arrow. (My bad, I'm not that fast to catch a picture with the arrow in it.) But BP has already dodge it. So basically, he already did miss. After 2 misses, coming from hundreds of straight hits, someone would have already stopped. Right? Well, Clint doesn't. He fired 2 more shots. Unfortunately, BP caught them, but they were they exploding type. So it blew up in his face. BP didn't get hurt because his armor is vibranium, remember? But that's where Clint stopped. He simply introduced himself afterwards. So that's Hawkeye/BP doing something we never thought possible. Did you notice anything else in the MCU movies debunked? Comment in the comment section below!


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