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How can you make your favourite TV show better? Well illustrator Austin Light has a reddit thread with a simple solution...just remove a letter from the title for some midweek humour. From Agents of Shield to LOST, all your favourites are here.

Light spent all of May drawing and some of them are so bad, they're 'punbelievably good', let's look at our favourites below!

House of Cars

Meet Frank Underwood, the power-hungry car salesman who will stop at nothing to complete his Hot Wheels collection. On his road to the top he once ran over his aide with a miniature Hummer truck and is currently going through a divorce with his wife. Frank isn't sure how they will split her collection of Cabbage Patch Kids.


We are all for bringing Hugh Laurie back on this one - he could use the axe as a walking stick. Hose is the ageing surly firefighter who is also a bit of a jerk. Each week Hose spends 60 minutes analysing how the fire started, instead of saving those inside. He would probably end up burned alive in the pilot episode as he twice incorrectly figures out the best way to escape.

Car Bears

How can you make cars appeal to women and kids, as well as petrol heads? Well pastel coloured leads, that's how. We imagine some sort of Gumball 3000 meets Top Gear, involving muscle bears and muscle cars.

The Walking Dad

Rick Grimes is the deceased ex-cop, gunned down and waking up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. He may be dead, but he is still a totally devoted dad. He and son Carl go on a cross-country trip to find the last human settlement on earth. On the way they encounter 'breathers', the deadly living population who are intent on taking down the undead.


A '90s Saturday morning cartoon that was banned for not being 'kiddy friendly'. A nerdy high school kid finds a magic shovel that can bring his group of (equally geeky) childhood friends back from the dead. Doug needs to concentrate on his studies, but find it hard when he moonlights as a gravedigger. This one could go hand in hand with The Walking Dad.


From the mysterious mind of J.J. Abrams comes LOT. The tale of a group of strangers stranded in a parking lot over a bank holiday weekend - none of their cars will start, there are strange whispers everywhere and someone spotted a polar bear (it turns out it was really a Fiat Panda). A man called Benjamin Linus is the throughly punchable car park attendant who has ulterior motives. People keep disappearing, and what seemed like a cheap place to park has now turned into a nightmare...will anyone escape the lot?

Braking Bad

Fast and Furious, but with even more rage. A cancer patient takes up illegal street racing to pay for his chemo, teaming up with his student Jesse Pinkman and his suped up Pontiac Aztek - Walter White now races under the alias of Heisenberg.

Sabrina the Teenage Itch

They use this one as an informative sex ed lesson at Hogwarts. Sabrina is the promiscuous teenager. Her aunts suspect it could be fleas from the talking house cat, but Sabrina thinks it could be something else! She discovers that she has magical powers, but when he uses them she develops a horrible itch - we told her not to practice unsafe magic!

So what do you think? We already have some of our own, like Ladiator, a '90s gameshow where the writers of LAD Bible take on the general public - climbing walls and running travelators. Then there is Ten Wolf, an american drama about a ten year old boy who has to adjust to life at primary school and his new werewolf abilities. Finally, The Sim Sons - a computer generated game based on everyone's favourite yellow family. Light has promised to add more to his Instagram, so check it out and keep the fun rolling.

Play remove a letter yourself and add them to the comments section below!


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