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Last night, I did as I always do before bed, and hopped online to checked out my news feed. What did I find? A casting rumor that turned out to be one of the greatest I've ever seen. Brie Larson is on the top of Marvel's list to play Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel! The internet is absolutely glued to this subject right now.

Larson has been on many fan casting lists, but up until now has flown under Marvel's radar. However, out of all of the choices to play Carol, I think she might be the best pick I've seen.

Let's take a minute to discuss why Larson is perfect for the role.

1. Cats

Carol Danvers has a pet cat named Chewie. OK, Chewie is actually a Flerken. But Flerkens are aliens similar to cats, so we can let that slide, right?

Anyway, part of my research into Larson took me to her Twitter account, and what did I find? Cat photos. Lots and lots of cat photos. Here is a sample of one of her latest retweets — cats in wigs:

And here, she retweeted a picture of a woman with a cat papoose. What is that? I have no idea! Brie Larson, wherever you are, please enlighten me!

2. She's Funny

Carol Danvers can be very funny, in her own way. She may sometimes get serious, but overall she's pretty lighthearted. One might even call her goofy.

Her humor is very similar to Larson's. They're both sarcastic and awkward, but in a lovable way.

Both Carol and Larson don't really care what people think of them, and that's what makes them both so funny and awesome.

3. References Aplenty

Anyone who knows about Captain Marvel knows she loves to reference things. Especially anything from the '80s! And it seems Larson does, too! When Jimmy Kimmel asked her about her awards, she said:

"I have this weird dream that there's some weird cave some where, where if I place them all together, like, something magical happens, like maybe they all fit together like in Indiana Jones. ... They turn into a big Transformer and they're like, 'Your ego's too big!' Whop! And that's how I die."

Yep, Larson and Captain Marvel could sure have some very interesting movie conversations, were their separate universes to ever collide!

4. Stereotypes

Both Carol and Larson appear to be immune to stereotypes. Indeed, Carol has shown many times that she can throw down with the big boys. On one such occasion, she knocked out Thanos with a single punch. She doesn't understand people getting judged as weaker, just because they're a woman.

Larson asked Kimmel if the football player coming out next was a man or a woman. He replied that there are no female football players, to which Larson responded:

"Then that's why I don't watch it. That's super weird!"

She went on to describe a new football team she made up called the Cougars:

"I was thinking the Cougars, like old women with young men — super interesting!"

So it's safe to say that Larson and Captain Marvel just don't get sexism, which makes perfect sense, because sexism doesn't make sense at all.

5. Looks

Larson is perfect to play Carol because neither are an overly sexualized bleached blonde. The internet gets stuck on hair color so easily! Captain Marvel is a strong, passionate character, and that's what makes her so compelling. And she doesn't wear a suit like this...

...because that's not what she's about. She's smart, sassy and takes out major villains all on her own because that's what amazing superheroes do. Larson's personality perfectly matches Carol's, and personality is what will really make an amazing superhero movie.

In my opinion, Brie Larson is perfect for Captain Marvel. Actually no, Brie Larson is Captain Marvel. She is funny and serious all at once, and that's why she would make the next great leading hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What do you think? Is Brie Larson the perfect choice to play Captain Marvel? What makes her a good choice? Tell me in the comments below!


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