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I Know What You Did Last Summer is one of those quintessential 90's horror flicks. About two years ago, a remake for the summer slasher was announced along with the writer for the project, Mike Flanagan. Flanagan, who has written and directed some really great horror flicks of the past few years (Oculus, Hush, Ouija 2), recently sat down with the folks at shockwaves podcast and gave a brief update on the I Know What You Did Last Summer remake:

"We wrote it for Sony. We turned in the script and they loved it. It's going fine. They're going to make it. I'm not directing it."

The original film, released in 1997, followed a group of teenagers (Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prince Jr., and Ryan Phillippe) who got picked off one by one a year after accidentally killing a man in a car accident. However, Flanagan noted that the remake will be quite different:

"It's a really neat take. It's a whole new deal. We're not interested in doing the same thing again with the eliminated teenagers and the fisherman."

The writer also noted that the story was much bigger than the original and stated that, "it would be a pretty big film... [with about] a $15-20 (million dollar budget)."

We still don't know when the reboot will officially move into production, but this is the first update on the flick that we have had in quite a while. Be sure to follow us to stay up to date on all of the I Know What You Did Last Summer remake news.


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