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American Horror Story has still yet to release an official subtitle for their upcoming sixth season debuting this fall, however that hasn't stopped the rumor mills from running rampant all over the internet nor fans from posing their endless questions regarding just what exactly is happening with the popular FX series' sixth installment.

So, here is everything we know so far, including hard facts, speculation, and what's been downright denied by Ryan Murphy and the rest of his creative team.

Who's Coming Back?

Veteran AHS actors such as Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Denis O'Hare have all but confirmed they're in for Season 6. While others such as Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy, Gabourey Sidibe, Angela Bassett, and Finn Witrock have yet to be confirmed, from what has been heard, all are welcoming the chance to make a triumphant comeback.

Lady Gaga did state earlier that she accepted creator Ryan Murphy's invitation to join Season 6, but stated that due to her previous commitments, she would not be able to join the show in as big a capacity as AHS: Hotel. Nashville's Connie Britton has also been quite vocal over the past few years about making a comeback, and now that her musical ABC series has been given the axe, she may finally get the chance.

Who's Not Coming Back?

Yes, it's true. Jessica Lange recently confirmed that she would never be returning to the anthology series. She has opted instead to star in another show from the same man behind her resurgence to mainstream television: Ryan Murphy. She'll be starring alongside Susan Sarandon in the upcoming FX drama Feud, the first season to reportedly be about the conflict that arose between legends of the silver screen — Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

What Will Season 6 Focus On?

Ryan Murphy and the rest of the team behind AHS have been tight-lipped about what exactly audiences can expect from the upcoming season. Few clues have been dropped (vague as they are), and haven't left enough evidence for anyone to fathom an intelligent guess. However, FX President John Landgraf did let it slip that it's expected for Season 6 to be split across two timelines.

Breaking with tradition, he revealed that Season 6 will be set in the present but have echoes to the past — whatever that means. It's also been said that the new season will be vastly different from Hotel. Given the ratings Season 5 barely managed to hold together in its final stretch, that may not be the worst idea.

About THAT Particular Casting Rumor

Yes it's true that Bradley Cooper did once work closely with Ryan Murphy on the set of his critically-acclaimed medical drama, Nip/Tuck (so did Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, and Lily Rabe). Cooper only made a minor appearance on the series and there's been absolutely no indication the Oscar nominee has any interest in a reunion.

When Can We Expect a Teaser?

If one were to guess based on the show's current formula for releasing little sneak peeks, it should be fairly soon. The show tends to offer up a bit of taste testing in the summer months, just enough to get the audience satiated and desperate to know more.

American Horror Story: Season 6 will debut this fall (presumably in October) on FX. Stay tuned for more developments as they become available!

What do you think the new season will be about? Let me know in the comments section below!


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