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You know that Marvel's upcoming Captain Marvel film is set for release on March 8, 2019. You may also know that Brie Larson is currently in the running to play this iconic role. But how much do you know about the Captain Marvel character in general? One of the coolest things about superheroes is their superpowers. Thus, if you are late to the Captain Marvel party, I am here to get you caught up on some of Captain Marvel's coolest superpowers!

To begin with, Carol Danvers has been labeled as "Marvel's mightiest Avenger" and is considered a feminist Icon. And with good reason -- Captain Marvel has a vast amount of power behind every punch she packs. Furthermore, she redefined everything about how women should be portrayed in comic books. She has become a role model for many women because she proved that women can not only be strong but they can be superheroes too. To find out more things you need to know about Captain Marvel, check out this awesome post!

Now, I present to you, some of the coolest powers which Captain Marvel possesses:

Superhuman Strength

Like many superheroes, Captain Marvel possesses superhuman strength. She's so badass that she's a physical match with other superhuman juggernauts in the Marvel Universe. She can lift up to around 50 tons. But it doesn't stop there -- which I'll come back to. It sure would be fun to see her square off against many of DC's superhuman ladies too such as Wonder Woman or Supergirl!

She Can Fly

Also like many other superheroes, Captain Marvel can fly through the air, however, she can move at around six times the speed of sound. That's fast! She can also run at incredibly high speeds too thanks to her superhuman agility.

She Can Shoot Energy Blasts from Her Hands

DragonBall Z eat your heart out. In quite a similar fashion to characters in the legendary anime series, Captain Marvel can discharge concussive blasts of radiant energy from her hands. You definitely wouldn't want to be too close to her when she does this!

She Has A High Level of Endurance and Durability

You wouldn't want to fight Captain Marvel; she would probably outlast you in every way possible. This force of nature is incredibly durable and has very high levels of endurance, thus, she rarely gets fatigue! In fact, she can last up to 24 hours before getting tired. It's like her opponents stand no chance!

She Can Absorb Energy...Which MAGNIFIES her Strength!

Told you we'd come back to it. Captain Marvel's body is capable of absorbing various types of energy (such as electricity) which enhances her attributes, making her even stronger! In fact, both her strength and energy projection are enhanced, up to the force of a nuclear weapon.

Seventh Sense

Many adaptations of the Captain Marvel character have portrayed her with the "seventh sense." So basically, when activated (it wasn't always reliable and at times quite random), she could subconsciously anticipate the moves or attacks of her opponents. As if she wasn't powerful enough!

And if you take all that power away from Carol Danvers, she's still an incredible marksman, hand-to-hand combatant, espionage agent, and pilot. So basically she's unbeatable -- superhuman or not.

There you have just some of the many superpowers possessed by this iconic comic book character. I hope I managed to re-acquaint you with the awesomeness of Captain Marvel. She's not only a superhuman badass superhero, she's also a skilled human being that is seemingly invincible either way. With names like Ronda Rousey, Chloe Grace Moretz and Brie Larson all rumored for the role, we know that no matter what happens, Captain Marvel is going to be epic!

What's your favorite of Captain Marvel's Powers? Are you excited for the film? Let us know in the comments below!


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