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Director Denis Villeneuve's Sicario was a standout film of 2015, blending drama, thrills and intrigue for a crime-filled story centered on the complex war on drugs. The movie more than stands on its own, which made the announcement of a sequel somewhat surprising. But Hollywood always wants more of a good thing, and now we have some details on the upcoming film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Italian director Stefano Sollima will helm Soldado, the sequel to Sicario that takes its name from the Spanish word for soldier. Emily Blunt will not return to star as FBI agent Kate Macer, with the new film set to focus on Benicio Del Toro as hitman Alejandro Gillick.

Soldado may have lost Blunt, but Josh Brolin will return alongside Del Toro as CIA agent Matt Graver. Fans will recall how Graver played both sides of the drug war throughout Sicario, so the character's inclusion should bring plenty of twists to the sequel. Thankfully, screenwriter Taylor Sheridan is also returning to pen the film.

Sicario was largely great thanks to Blunt's performance, which found a strong-willed woman thrown into a male-dominated world and pushed to the brink. The female lead made Sicario a more unique film, breaking the mold of standard crime-thriller narratives. Without Blunt, Soldado risks treading familiar ground, with a bunch of tough guys doing bad deeds in a messed-up world. But if the film can expand to new territory, it could be just as successful as its predecessor.

Are you excited for a follow-up to Sicario? What do you think will happen in the sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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