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Three decades later and we're finally getting a sequel to the cult classic musical/fantasy, Labyrinth. But with the untimely death of the film's star and songwriter, David Bowie, in late January, questions begging immediate answers have begun to surface. Questions such as: "How can you do a sequel without the man who made 'The Labyrinth' what it was?" And "Who else could possibly fill in those super-snug gray tights?" Well, I hope to answer some of those questions and offer up some suggestions as to who I think can carry the torch in this ill-timed sequel.

Who Would Take on Such an Iconic Role?

Well first things first, it hasn't been clarified by either the writer or the production company that the main antagonist in this film will be the infamous King Jareth that Bowie played in the original 1986 film.

If memory serves me correctly, Jennifer Connolly's Sarah defeated the Goblin King at the conclusion of the film. He then — falling victim to Sarah's superior desire to save her brother Toby — morphs into a white owl and flies off into the unknown. This could easily be used to explain Jareth's absence in the upcoming sequel.

So, What Daring Actor Could Possibly Take the Mantle of The New Goblin King?

Jared Leto

The co-founder of Thirty Seconds to Mars is racking up quite the resume among the Hollywood elite lately. Starring in and winning an Oscar for his role in Dallas Buyers Club...

...then assuming the mantle of the Joker in the upcoming smash hit Suicide Squad, equals to one helluva of a capable actor. I'm sure he would be more than willing to tackle the role if given the opportunity.

Luke Evans

Evans snagged himself the coveted role of brutish vanity mogul, Gaston, in Disney's live action Beauty and The Beast. Assuming singing skills are going to be required for Labyrinth sequel, I'm sure Evans could wow the casting department with his impeccable rendition of "Gaston." If that doesn't work, there's always his smoldering good looks and charm.

Chris Hemsworth

The Avengers and Ghostbusters actor may not typically be what comes to mind when thinking about a Bowie replacement, but I think Hemsworth has shown countless times that if given the opportunity, he can surprise even the most hesitant of movie buffs. I've also heard his singing isn't half bad.

David Tennant

Ah, one of my favorites. David Tennant, the former Doctor Who and Harry Potter actor is one audiences find they take a liking to whether they intend or want to. He's an excellent character actor and his unusual and uncanny ability to bring a unique character to life is unmatched by any other in the acting field.

Hugh Jackman

I don't think anyone needs a reminder of just how well this Wolverine star can belt it out with the best of them. He showcased his excellent singing chops in the 2012 Oscar-bait remake of Les Miserables. He's also stunned audiences on Broadway in A Boy From Oz (2003-2004) and more recently in A Steady Rain (2009). And I think we all remember that time he gave us a musical version of The Wolverine:

Who Says it Just Has to be a Man's Game? What about one of these fine ladies:

Kate Winslet

This Titanic actress impressed her fans all over the globe when she released her debut single "What If" in November 2001. The song was written for the soundtrack of the 2001 animation/live-action adaptation of Charles Dickens classic novella, A Christmas Carol. Kate Winslet is a multiple Oscar nominee so there's no question she'd be up to the task. With her undying appeal to people all over the world, I can almost guarantee she would make a significant impact equal to that of the late David Bowie.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga performed an excellent melody of classic David Bowie hits at the 2016 Grammys to honor the recently departed icon. Though it was met with some controversy, she delivered an amazing performance that would have made her idol proud. She's shown she can handle the extraordinary, tackling the role of Countess Elizabeth for American Horror Story: Hotel. Given a challenge like this, I'm sure she would once again do the legendary David Bowie proud by bringing to life the another powerful female figure for cinema lovers everywhere.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer has delivered some jaw-dropping musical numbers in films like The Fabulous Baker Boys, Hairspray, The Prince of Egypt, and Grease 2. But for me, it's her magnificent and deliciously devious performance as the wicked witch Lamia in 2007's Stardust — directed by X-Men: First Class' Matthew Vaughn — that seals the deal here. I consider her role in that film to be one of her absolute strongest to date, since portraying Catwoman in Batman Returns and the murderous Ingrid Magnussen in the severely underrated White Oleander. She's powerful, she's cunning, she's beautiful, everything needed to portray a potentially deadly Goblin Queen.

Finally: Will Original Star Jennifer Connelly be on Board?

While it still remains unclear on whether or not the 45-year-old actress will be up for reprising her role as the adult Sarah for the sequel, it still isn't completely out of the realm of possibility. Neither the production team nor Connelly herself have indicated their feelings on the matter. If I had to fathom a guess, I'd have to say they're probably not looking at bringing her back at this point. And if they are, it most likely will be reduced to one amazingly stellar cameo.


Who do you think would be best suited for a new Goblin King (Queen) in 'Labyrinth 2'?

You have a better actor or actress in mind? Let me know your picks in the comments section below!


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