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The anticipation is rising for the upcoming Captain Marvel standalone film, now that Marvel is in final talks with Academy Award-winner Brie Larson for the titular role. While it's not yet official whether the young actress will portray Carol Danvers, a.k.a Captain Marvel, on the big screen, sources say that she is the early choice for Marvel.

The film is marked for tentative release in 2019, with the possible introduction of Captain Marvel in an earlier film before her own solo effort. If this is the case, it's a smart move for Marvel to start reaching out to potential actresses (and directors).

And the hype is only starting to grow! Remember when the internet went wild for all the rumors about Ronda Rousey?

But here's the thing: Every great superhero needs a villain, and that's why I'm going to list three of Captain Marvel's greatest foes and how their story could play a part in the upcoming film.

1. Moonstone

Psychologist Karla Sofen, otherwise known as Moonstone, is most recognized as Captain Marvel's archenemy. First making her appearance in 1975, Moonstone gained her abilities from a powerful extraterrestrial gem. Not wanting to rely on her patients as her source of income, the independent Karla soon turned to a life of crime, and Moonstone and Captain Marvel would later go on to become bitter rivals.

Moonstone is a perfect fit for the upcoming solo film. Not only because she's Captain Marvel's main antagonist, but the fact is a battle between these two could bring about a lot of destruction to New York, and that is something that fans would find visually appealing on cinema screens. This could most definitely be something to look forward to if Marvel decides go down that road.

2. A.I.M.

Hydra has dominated the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the most dangerous terrorist organization. But I think we've seen enough of Hydra for now; it's time to bring about the Advanced Idea Mechanics. The organization is comprised of mad scientists in search of alien technology. Captain Marvel has had a couple of encounters with the group — mostly with M.O.D.O.K., and as ridiculous as he may seem, it'd be pretty cool to see him brought to life.

A.I.M. has actually already made its debut in the MCU, in the latest Iron Man film. They are the guys who developed the Extremis virus and associated themselves with the Ten Rings organization in a bid to hide what they were doing. With A.I.M. already in existence, it could be possible we'll see its return.

3. The Black Order

The Black Order is an organization filled with deadly aliens all brought together by the Mad Titan. The purpose of the organization was to help Thanos demolish planets and force their residents to pay him tributes. Its main goal, however, was to find the Infinity Stones.

Since Marvel's Phase Three has been pushing a cosmic villain theme for the buildup to Infinity War, the Black Order could make its debut in upcoming Marvel films. With Captain Marvel being released before the second part, and the possibility of Carol Danvers making an appearance in the first part, we could be seeing her lend the Avengers a hand in fighting off the Black Order's crusade (or busting a move alongside Chris Pratt):

Who do you think Captain Marvel is going to go up against? Comment below!


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