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If you hear there's going to be a new Batman film, you start asking questions like: Will the Joker be in it? Will Harley be in it? What about the Riddler or Bane? Or a new Spider-Man film, you ask: Who's playing Norman Osborn? Are they bringing Venom back? Where is Doc Ock!? And so on. But what do you think when you hear there's going to be a new Captain Marvel film? You probably can't name a single supporting character of hers, right?

Well Brie Larson may or may not be playing Captain Marvel, but whoever plays the character is going to need a villain to go up against. Well Carol Danvers has gathered her own little rogues gallery between her time as Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel, so let us take a look and see who might be troubling her in her first cinematic solo outing!

1. Moonstone!

Moonstone would be an amazing character to have in the Marvel Cinematic Universe period. She's constantly flirting with the line between hero and villain, and is also an incredibly powerful control freak. She was a founding member of the Thunderbolts team, who are basically the Marvel equivalent of the Suicide Squad, and with them being rumoured for phase 4, it would be perfect if Carol Danvers defeated her and left her in prison right near the end of phase 3!

2. Yon-Rogg!

It seems likely that Carol Danvers association with the Kree race of aliens will be a significant part of her first film, and one of the villains who would perfectly link her back to them is Yon-Rogg. He is a Kree commander who has fought against both the original Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers many times. In fact, one plan he had was so near to destroying the earth that Carol had to fly into space and give herself a brain hemorrhage to stop it from succeeding!

3. Ghazi Rashid!

Ghazi Rashid is a fascinating villain because he captured Carol Danvers when she was in the air force, before ever becoming a superhero, and while he had her he tortured her, trying to find out information about Ascension, a secret project that gave superpowers to normal humans. It would be interesting to see this happen in the film (though Marvel may not be looking to do an origin story for Carol) and then see Ghazi find Ascension and get superpowers before fighting her again, this time as Captain Marvel.

4. Dr. Minerva!

Okay, this is a weird one. Dr Minerva is a Kree scientist, who discovered that Captain Marvel (when it was a guy) had the genetic coding to unlock the future of the Kree. Therefore she did what any good scientist would do, she went to earth and tried to force him to mate with her. While this would be strange in the film, it's possible that Minerva could try to capture Carol in order to experiment on her or just steal her DNA. And it again links into the Kree, which is a very important part of Carol's back story.

5. The Hood!

The Hood is another character who is just a great villain to introduce for the future of the MCU. But if he was introduced with one of the teams of villains that he puts together, then it would really pose a challenge for Carol. The Hood was a small time crook who went big after encountering and injuring a demon, after which he looted it for the magical boots and hood, giving him the powers of levitation and temporary invisibility. While The Hood would be a great character to have in the MCU, he tries to rise above crime and be a good man often, but is dragged down to the dark side of life by his weak nature. Captain Marvel has taken on The Hood multiple times, and he would present an excellent challenge for her if the film shows her beginnings.

6. A.I.M!

Or, instead of taking on one person, we could pit Carol Danvers against an entire organisation! A.I.M, or Advanced Idea Mechanics, is a group of brilliant scientists who attempt to overthrow the governments of the world with technology. Now, we have already seen AIM in the MCU, under the control of Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3. But what we haven't seen is M.O.D.O.K, the greatest achievement of AIM. After creating incredible inventions like the Super Adaptoid and the Cosmic Cube, they created the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, MODOK. He is a giant head possessing super intelligence and the power to create energy balls and force fields. After being created, MODOK seized control of AIM and has held it ever since. He is a force that the powerful Carol Danvers would have to learn how to fight.

7. Thanos!

But if you're struggling to find somebody with the power to take on Captain Marvel, just use the most powerful being of all. Thanos is coming, that has been a fact since the dying embers of The Avengers in 2012. With the Captain Marvel film coming out just two months before Avengers: Infinity War Part 2, it seems likely that the influence of Thanos will be heavily felt in the film at least, but could he appear against Carol as well? Thanos hasn't been the main villain in a film yet, so it seems likely that while his reign stands in 2018/2019, he will be everywhere! The only problem with this guy is that he needs to be around for the second Infinity War, so Carol can't actually defeat him by herself!

8. The Black Order!

However, this suits everybody! Thanos has a lot of minions, but some of his most loyal and powerful servants are known as the Black Order. Thanos used the order to target and take control of various worlds, and when one targeted earth, the order came down upon it. Imagine if the order was sent to earth while the avengers are off fighting Thanos in space? Then Captain Marvel would have the opportunity to show her leadership qualities in her own film by taking any of the remaining heroes and facing off against these powerful demons. And that would be pretty incredible if you ask me!

Whichever way it goes, we know that the effects of the Infinity War raging around Carol will be felt, check out the moment Thanos took the first step towards war below!

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Which villain would you like to see Captain Marvel go up against?


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