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Back in March when Superman/Bats came out, Zack Snyder (who's keys to the DC universe should be taken away) announced that 30 min of footage that ended up on the cutting room floor would be put back in for the DVD. A few weeks later, it was then announced that the DVD would be R rated (this was shortly after Deadpool's success) and because of that, everyone said WB is doing this because of that. Both Warners and Snyder said no and that this was decided months before the release of Deadpool.

But here's the thing? When the movie doesn't do as well as you expected does it still make sense to go with the original plans? Superman and Batman on the big screen together was a fanboy's dream come true and while I "liked" the movie, it wasn't what I thought it would be. Too many things wrong. Way to many plot holes.

1) Batman went all "batshit" because Superman was destroying Wayne property and killing innocent people(As he perceives it to be) No questions being asked just telling Alfred that "he's a menace who must be stopped." And Alfred doesn't seem to question this (well he did but clearly not enough convincing). This isn't the character of Bruce Wayne. Never has been. Nor Batman's for that matter. Which brings me to.

2) Armor Suit Batman: Why? How? Where? When? I don't recall Batman ever wearing "suit of armor" and it was never explained how he obtained it. Clearly Zack Snyder turned BATMAN into some sort of vigilante for some reason.

3) Was way to dark. Batman I can understand but not Superman.

4) To many things going on that it was hard to keep up. I understand that they were trying to set up the Justice League movie but it felt rushed and hastily written that played out like it had nothing to do with the story. Even I was confused by that. Why did BW want it and why did WW try so hard to get it before him? It was a quick sidetrack and BOOM it's gone. KInda of a "Blink and you'll miss it" thing.

5) Doomsday: For real? What was the basis of Lex's motivation for this? Also, BATMAN (to my knowledge) never fought DOOMSDAY.


This is how he looked in the comics




Smallville got it right. The movie version looks like a a modern day Frankenstein. The only thing they seemed to get right was this:


This movie was really all over the place so getting back to the question I asked above: Do the 30 min of extra footage clean up the plot holes ? Does the R rated version make it more violent then it should be? It's hard to say but it can't get any worse can it? Because as it stands, the movie (the one we all saw) is to long as it is (with the new footage you get 182 min total) and way to violent .Even Christopher Nolan's isn't that dark and violent . I wonder what he thought of it...

In fact, the studio went out of their way to announce that the "new version" will be available first as a digital on the 28th of June by releasing a brand new trailer with said new footage which you can watch here:

I think people will buy/rent it just to see if it makes for a better film or to see who Jena Malone plays (She was completely cut out) But a violent Superman/Batman is out of character for both. But in my opinion, I thought it was an okay movie and I to was looking forward to seeing this but was let down. I enjoyed it but not as much as I thought I would.

And you know there's trouble when the studio is sending people to watch over Zack Snyder while filming Justice League. Here's hoping that's better then this. One good note is that I've seen the trailer for Wonder Woman and that ... Well finally she's about to get the movie that's she's deserved for years.



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