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Now that Wally West has been hit with the electricity from the second particle explosion, we're all expecting him to become his alter-ego, Kid Flash. He could be another bastion of good for Central City, or... his rebellious nature could get the best of him, turning him into The Flash's worst enemy.

Though this would be a risky detour for the writers to take, it would challenge Barry's conscience to the core and force him to use more than just his speed to outwit his opponent. With Wally's life on the line, the team would have to use every tool in their arsenal in an effort to redeem him even though the odds would be stacked against them.

Let's face it. Wally hasn't exactly been one to play by the rules, and his determination to do things his way has gotten him into trouble in the past.

Wally's Need for Speed

Wally started out racing cars, and the faster he went, the faster he wanted to go. Sound like two speedsters we know? Like the Reverse-Flash and Zoom? Will Wally really be content taking a back seat to Barry's speed, or will the speed go to his head?

Being as Wally is new to the West family, I can't imagine he's going to have an easy time watching Barry do all the saving. In my opinion, he wants Joe to be proud of him, and with speed, he could be the next Flash...or so he thinks.

Wally Already Feels Like He's Second Best

As much as Joe has tried to convince him that he's part of the family, it's clear he doesn't think he fits in as much as Barry does. This opens the door to a potential for jealousy that will make Wally want to push himself to become better than Barry. While the Reverse-Flash and Zoom were inherently evil, Wally doesn't have the wisdom yet to resist the pull of the dark side, especially if it means he can show his family that he's the best.

Wally Doesn't Like Accepting Help

Remember the engineering project Barry attempted to help him with? Granted, Barry got a bit carried away. However, Wally's irritation knew no bounds, and we caught a glimpse of how angry he gets when he feels pushed or discarded. This alone could make him yearn for more prominence if he were to become a speedster.

Wally Doesn't Think Before He Acts

Barry had this same problem when he first became The Flash until Oliver Queen taught him how to use his speed to his advantage, to be more cautious.

In the season two finale of The Flash, we saw how Wally raced in to help people when he wasn't prepared to be a hero. That kind of recklessness almost got him killed.

He's younger than Barry, and I get the sense that he feels like he has a lot to prove, which will open him up to the persuasion of evil. It's not difficult to tempt someone who isn't sure of himself or his abilities. And it's possible Wally wouldn't see Barry as a mentor as much as a someone trying to keep him from living up to his full potential.


Overall, as difficult as it would be for the West family, making Wally a villain would be an incredible plot device for Season 3. Battling evil is one thing; battling evil when it's in your own family is another. And that's something that Barry hasn't faced.

Without taking away Wally's speed, Barry and the team would battle to save this boy who has yet to become a man, a boy with more abilities than he knows what to do with. Barry has saved lives before, but in this instance, he could actually save a soul. That would make for incredible television, and I, for one, can't wait to find out if this possibility becomes a reality!

Do you think Wally West could turn into a villain?


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