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“So falls the House of Wayne.” -Alfred

Let’s face it. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t the film people wanted. This movie has to go down as one of the most divisive superhero films of all time. Some fans enjoyed it, while others absolutely hated it.

The film seemed incomplete at times and the plot felt incoherent. Some of it didn’t make sense, such as why Lois Lane kept going back throughout the film to prove Superman’s innocence with the bullet she had found in Africa. Or the reasons about the decisions Superman must make to decide on who he should save. That crucial part was taken out of the film completely. The movie instead focused on his god-like status and if he should be held accountable for his actions, specifically what he did in the battle in Metropolis against General Zod.

Fans knew a few months ago that Warner Bros. were planning to release an extended R-rated edition that will include thirty minutes of unused footage that was cut from the theatrical version. WB wasted no time in showing us some of these deleted scenes, as a brand new Blu-ray trailer has surfaced online. Check out the trailer below:

What About That Scene In Africa?

The first major flaw I noticed from the film was the little time that was spent in Africa. One year after the battle in Metropolis, we are taken to Africa where Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are taken captive by a group of mercenaries led by a Russian weapon-trafficker named Anatoli Knyazev. Jimmy Olsen and the rest of the camera crew are killed and Superman eventually saves Lois. However, in this latest trailer we learn that there was much more to that scene than what we saw in the theatrical version.

It appears that the scene that took place in Africa actually played a pivotal role in the story. The Blu-ray trailer shows that many innocent lives were lost there and were discussed over the news. In fact, someone can be seen (Clark Kent maybe?) posting the news reports on a wall in his room.

If you recall from the movie, Superman goes in and saves Lois Lane from getting her throat slit; however, we never learned what else came shortly after that. We assume that Superman must have flown Lois and himself away to safety. However, these other clips from the trailer tell us otherwise. Apparently a nuclear missile was sent in from an aircraft demolishing a few of the buildings. We also see Anatoli Knyazev and his men begin to torch the area.

One can assume that this is them killing many innocent victims after Superman and Lois have escaped. The bullet that Lois was so fond of throughout the whole film finally makes more sense. It turns out that these men killed all of these civilians to frame Superman and make it appear that he was the culprit. We also hear in the trailer Clark Kent shout out to Lois:

“I didn’t kill those men if that’s what they think.”

We also hear a reporter asking someone close to the families that perished, what she would say to Superman if he was in her presence. She responded with:

“That my family too had dreams. To look him in his eye and ask him how he decides which lives count, and which one’s do not.”

This gives us a bit more longevity to the entire first half of the film. Who should Superman save and at what cost? We know it’s impossible for Superman to save everyone at every second of the day. But that plot point could easily have been brought up at some point in the film.

Superman had also been framed for murders and we never really learned how or why. This also could have played more into the court room scene and gave that scene more weight. Since the entire crux of that story was left out in the version we saw, WB didn’t feel it was necessary to include it, and thus forced Snyder to remove it.

Superman Investigates The Batman In Gotham

Another flaw the film had was rushing over how Clark Kent learnt about the Batman. Though the comics place Gotham and Metropolis a great distance away from each other, the DCEU has both cities directly across the bay from each other. Therefore, Superman would have known about this vigilante for a while, and probably would have met him at some point. At least you would assume so.

The film makes it look as if Clark is now reporting Batman’s tasks as breaking news. We already learned from the original trailer that Batman had been around for at least 20 years!:

“Twenty years in Gotham. How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?”

It was a bit perplexing for me to learn that Superman didn’t know much about this Batman and his vigilantism. The latest trailer shows Clark going to Gotham City and learning about this so-called vigilante. He meets up with a man holding a lottery ticket, that when scratched completely off, reveals a bat symbol. The man says:

“There’s a new kind of mean in him. He is angry and he is hunting.”

It would have been nice to see Clark act as the reporter. What better way to research a story than to ask people who may have witnessed him in action and gather evidence that way? In the film, he’s only going off of what Gotham City news has reported. The only time in the film we see Superman travel to Gotham is when he’s threatened by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). He was told by Luthor to go to Gotham to kill the Bat. If Superman had refused, then his adopted mother Martha would be killed.

These are yet more scenes that may have made the film much stronger. Plus, we could have had more Batman and Superman interactions! Now wouldn’t that have been nice?

Jenna Malone’s Character Reveal

It’s been reported that Jenna Malone would in fact play Barbara Gordon. Allegedly, Malone had a substantial role in the film but all of her scenes were entirely cut. I’m sure we may have a definitive answer once the Blu-ray is released.

We don’t get to learn a whole lot about her character. We do hear her speak a few lines to Lois Lane, however, proclaiming:

“That’s why you’re a great reporter. This stuff still shocks you.”

It’s hard to tell from this scene, but could Malone actually be working with Lois Lane at The Daily Planet? I highly doubt it. It’s more likely that Lois is doing what Clark may be doing, and investigating Batman’s vigilantism in Gotham. She may be looking to find some answers, or could be looking for Clark, since he always has a way of disappearing on the job. It’s also quite possible that Barbara and Lois go way back and may have worked together at some point.

Either way, this could be running into character overload. This film was also majorly criticized for how it set up the DCEU. Adding yet another pivotal character down the road may have been overkill. Plus, if Barbara Gordon is in the movie, why wouldn’t her father James Gordon be in it? Though it has been confirmed that J.K. Simmons would be playing Commissioner Gordon in Justice League Part 1, it made sense to not include him in this film. Frankly, I’m not sure where he would have fit in to begin with.


Though the film was a success (it raked in over $871 million world wide), it left a sour taste in some people’s mouths. This wasn’t the film people wanted, but it was the film fans received. I thought Snyder did the best he could, even though he was asked to trim a lot out of his film. It’s one thing to cut out only a few scenes out of a film, but a full 30 minutes seems a bit much.

I believe this is will be the ultimate version fans are asking for. Many fans enjoyed The Watchmen director’s cut, so Snyder has had some experience with this before. With all of the flack this film has received, it’d be nice to hear some great things about this film once the Blu-ray is released for the public to view.

I actually enjoyed the theatrical version as it was. I even liked it better the second time I watched it. Is it a perfect film? No. Does it have plot issues? Yes. Was it poorly edited? Absolutely. But when fans start calling out to fire Snyder from directing Justice League Part 1, that’s where I draw the line. It’s one thing to dislike something and give a valid reason for disliking it, but it’s a whole other issue when fans are threatening his job or worse, announcing death threats. Let’s all just relax and be satisfied that we were able to watch Batman fight Superman on the big screen. Heck, let’s just be glad we finally were able to see these two DC characters come together on the big screen at all.

So what are your thoughts on the Blu-ray edition? Are you excited to see these extra 30 minutes that were cut from the film? Do you believe this version will be better than the theatrical one? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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