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If there were a title for the "deadliest character in comic history," James "Wolverine" Howlett would be a forthright contender for the award, boasting a bloodied history as old as the Canadian himself.

While the X-Men's movie adaptations haven't been able to relate Weapon X in all his R-rated reality, 20th Century Fox have nonetheless done a fine job of stacking up Logan's kill count.

Thankfully, Wolverine 3 or the as-of-yet unnamed Wolverine spin-off movie will step in a direction of its own after Collider confirmed in May that Hugh Jackman's last film in the Fox series will be rated R. They're going to need more red paint.

Until then, though, the good people over at Mr. Sunday Movies have crammed every Wolverine kill shown on the big screen so far into one neat compilation video.

Warning: If you don't like murder via metal claw, stop now.

I liked the bit where he impaled the person.

And there we have it. After nine movies featuring appearances of varying prominence, Wolverine has killed a total of 90 unfortunate souls for your viewing pleasure. That's a lot of snikt.

One can't bash Logan for variety, either, considering his list of victims includes a mess of government troops, soldiers from a variety of historic wars, a whole lot of Yakuza, one failed attempt at a butchered Deadpool and a bear. But at least the bear was a mercy kill.

It's worth pointing out the video in question doesn't take into account Wolverine's cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse, but his limited screen time in that may not effect the count too much.

The question now of course is where do we go from here?

Old Man Logan is rumoured for a screen adaptation.
Old Man Logan is rumoured for a screen adaptation.

The untitled Wolverine sequel is not only now less than a year away—it's scheduled for a March 3 release—but the R rating means ol' Logan is sure to get one heck of an accurate swan song.

As far back as the "Bronze Age of Comics," Wolverine's page storytelling has been bathed in blood, and it's a shame that only in Hugh Jackman's last portrayal of the role will he get to tell Logan's tale as it always should have been — gorily.

Speculation is rife the movie will take a lot of its influence from the Old Man Logan storyline, which is in some ways only fitting as Jackman is now a ripe, old 47.

It's fairly safe to assume Wolverine's kill count in the movie adaptations will ebb quite fiercely over the 100 mark in next year's curtain call, although the real test now would be counting the character's comic kills in total.

Taking into account the fact Wolverine was once one of the characters who "killed the Marvel Universe," it may be tough to get a grasp of an accurate number in that regard.

It's a testament to Wolverine's character, however, that even when the X-Men film franchise was restricted by family friendly age ratings, he was still able to rack up quite so many deaths.

Fans should get used to that snikt sound in preparation for next year's finale, and what better way to get pumped up for Jackman's last rodeo than a handy video of all his previous work as Wolverine?


Who do you think should carry on the Wolverine film legacy?


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