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There's not much more to add to that title to be honest — the 16 celebrities listed below all have pets that are almost too adorable to handle. Also, you'll notice that many of these cute, furry creatures are rescue animals, collected from shelters or (in Gigi Hadid's case), found in a car engine. As sad as that story is, it's wonderful that so many celebs use their social media outlets to celebrate such a worthwhile cause — don't you think?

1. Olivia Munn

How could your heart NOT melt, Olivia Munn? This creature is such a pocket-sized treat.

2. Gigi Hadid

Who wouldn't adopt this adorable creature if they found it nesting in a car engine?

3. Eva Longoria Baston

Diamonds and one very, very cute dog — what more could you want?

4. Ellen Page

The ultimate scruffy pup.

5. Ke$ha

This cat looks fierce, just like his human.

6. Britney Spears

Of course Britney dresses her dogs in christmas outfits.

7. Hilary Duff

This dog is me, everyday.

8. Kylie Jenner

This dog even has its own Instagram. Go figure.

9. Taylor Swift

She looks so SOFT!

10. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Ok so technically they are her office dogs, but I couldn't resist — how can you say no to faces like theirs?!

11. Miley Cyrus

Love Miley's menagerie, it's so hard to pick a favorite. This guy looks like he always needs a hug <3

12. Cara Delevingne

Ok, Cara's dog is adorable AND hilarious.

13. Kaley Cuoco

Cucoco's sunday snuggles look like the best thing ever.

14. Liam Hemsworth

Are you drooling over this pic of The Hunger Games hunk and his pooch?

15. Zayn Malik

Omg, this dog is actually bigger than Zayn. Love it.

16. Lea Michelle


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