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This is how it starts — the anger that turns good fans into flame-war-starting fanatics. When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released, the internet was flooded with the ensuing debates, with critics and fans alike tearing apart the film or vehemently defending it. To say that Dawn of Justice is divisive is putting it mildly (and if you need proof, just head to the comment section of this or any article about the film).

Many people were intrigued by the 30 minutes of footage cut from the film before release, wondering if this solved any of those pesky plot holes or unanswered questions. With the Ultimate Edition soon to be released, hopes are high that this extended version of Batman v Superman will soothe fan ire.

The initial trailer teased a more in-depth discussion of the political themes, also adding in snippets of never-before-seen footage and a glimpse of Wonder Woman in battle (clearly, they know that Diana's debut was the one thing we all agreed was awesome).

And yet, before those arguments start up again, Batman v Superman's cinematographer has stepped in to warn us not to pre-judge a change in judgement.

Huh. So it seems that those crucial extra 30 minutes aren't as game changing as some of us had hoped they would be. And honestly, we should have seen this coming.

Jena Malone in the Ultimate Edition trailer.
Jena Malone in the Ultimate Edition trailer.

One fan theory has already been debunked by the Ultimate Edition trailer — Jena Malone was revealed to play a reporter at the Daily Planet, not Barbara Gordon as many of us had hoped. So if you're hoping to catch a glimpse of another important sidekick from Batman's past, or maybe his greatest foe, you might be disappointed by the Ultimate Edition.

Or maybe those extra 30 minutes really do fill in some blanks and lapses in character motivation! We'll just have to find out when the Ultimate Edition is released. But what Fong's trying to tell us is very valid — this is just an extended edition of the same movie, and so your opinion of it won't change. Probably.

What are you hoping to see in the extended footage?


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