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Although Kit Harington's Game of Thrones character may not have seen any screen time in last Sunday's episode, he's been making headlines this week regardless. However, while everyone is getting bogged down in misspoken terms and how nice his very non-bearded face is, there's something far more urgent that needs addressing: Could his latest chop be a huge indication that Jon Snow is going to get the chop, quite literally, again?!

Woah, right?! He looks so different and, I hate to say it, this does not bode well.

What could Harington's new look mean for Jon Snow?

As you probably know already, Kit's hair is something of a big deal. While most of the GOT lot have had their lives significantly altered by the unpredictable success of the show, he's the only one who has a literal contract preventing him from making what most of us wouldn't even think of asking permission for: Cutting his hair. He explained on Live with Kelly and Michael:

"It has its own contract, definitely. I’m just not allowed to cut it, and I didn’t realize this until recently. I wanted to cut it, you know, I've had long hair for ages, and they were like ‘No, no, no, that won’t be happening."

With that in mind then, Harington's hair has been used as an indicator over the last couple of years as to whether his character is being bumped off the show or not. The first case was when he starred in a BBC Films production called The Testament of Youth alongside Alicia Vikander in 2014 and lopped all of his hair off. He looked very Edwardian and attractive and everything but absolutely nothing like Jon Snow. How the hell was he going to whack off a White Walker looking like a pompous Oxford townie?!

Thankfully, we were saved from a cursed fate and Jon Snow returned to Game of Thrones.

Fast forward one year to last winter when Harington chopped his signature locks off again and fans completely lost it. Twitter was set alight with comments such as:


This time, unfortunately, they were right and we lost Ned's bastard child to the stabby hands of the Night's Watch.

Or were we?

While our broken hearts were still healing we were flung a nugget of hope — Harington was pictured on set while the cast were filming Season 6 and, he had all of his hair. And, low and behold, at the end of episode 1, Jon Snow came back from the dead.

So, as everyone ooo's and aaaaah's over his lovely, beard-free face, keep in mind that this new look has the potential to hold another frightful fate for the beloved, returned, Jon Snow.

What do you think Kit Harington's new fuzz-free look indicates?


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