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(Warning: The following contains images of supremely awkward 1970s screen superheroes, and David Hasselhoff. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise...)

Now, while Marvel's movie superheroes may currently be doing a whole lot of super-exciting things like making billions of dollars at the box office, sneakily adapting fan-favorite comic-book story-lines and redefining the way death functions in cinema, there's one thing that they seem to struggle a little with: Being utterly ridiculous.

Thankfully, though, Marvel's original, old-school, largely 1970s-based on-screen superheroes have that one more than covered. In fact, as the images below (recently collated by intrepid Imgur-er i124qnds) prove...

Marvel's Movie Superheroes Sure Did Look Kind Of Awkward Back In The Day

Take, for instance...

1977's Direct-To-TV Spider-Man

Who, in the face of Tom Holland's more modern take, looks more like a poorly disguised burglar than your friendly neighborhood superhero...


1990's Captain America Was A Little Cheesier Than Ours

Though at least he didn't have his own Cap-cycle, like a certain 1979 take on the hero...

Next up?

The Old School Hulk Was Just A Guy In Some Shorts

Though, in fairness, it was Lou Ferrigno, so I guess that's kind of OK.

That being said...

1988's Thor Was Only Loosely God-Like

More of a Hemsworth cousin, perhaps?

And, speaking of unusual takes on comic-book icons...

1978's Doctor Strange Wasn't Quite Cumberbatch

Though the robes are still fairly glorious.

Meanwhile, over on the helicarrier...

Nick Fury Was Once David Hasselhoff

Yes, in case you're wondering, 1998 was indeed a strange time to be alive. On the plus side, though, we can all (re)experience its insanity through the medium of period trailers!

What's more...

The Punisher Used To Be Dolph Lundgren

Because 1989 was a pretty weird time to be alive, too.

And, of course...

2003's Daredevil Eventually Turned Out To Be Batman

He's more Batfleck than Darefleck, now...

The big question now, though?

What do you reckon?


Would you like the modern day MCU to be a little more like its old school incarnations?

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