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After playing one of the most recognizable TV characters in the world since 2011, it's hard to believe Emilia Clarke sometimes takes a break from setting things on fire, mounting dragons and trying to conquer the known world in the wildly popular Game of Thrones.

The British actress, who is of course best known for her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen, has absconded from the realm of fantasy, taking a change of direction (and a change of hair color) by starring in the upcoming adaptation of the 2012 novel, Me Before You.

"The Easiest Character I've Played"

But while you could be mistaken for assuming Clarke felt a tad anxious being away from the familiar medieval world of sword fights and brutality, she actually found the role strikingly familiar. In an interview with the Examiner, she said:

“It really was the easiest character I’ve played, ever. This one isn’t acting. ‘Game of Thrones’ is the acting one. I’ll never again find a character that was so much like putting on your favorite jumper.”

Clarke fell in love with the source material — written by Jojo Moyes — admitting she read the novel during pit stops in the filming of Terminator Genisys last year. She added:

“I read it in two days. I was working on ‘Terminator,’ I promise, but every moment we were done, it was ‘put the gun down, pick up the book.'"

A Romantic Comedy That Includes Emilia Clarke Singing

Me Before You tells the romantic story of Louisa Clark (Clarke), a working class 26-year-old, who begins caring for William Traynor (Sam Claflin), a charismatic and wealthy man who was paralyzed following a motorcycle accident.

Although Clarke felt this was a role that came more naturally to her, there were a few aspects that made her feel slightly nervous, including the use of her vocal abilities. The actress — who sings in the role — said:

“I do love singing, and I was in character in the moment, but I got to it, and I was embarrassed to sing it in front of the crew. I was like, ‘I’m actually a bit nervous.’”

Me Before You is released on June 3.

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Source: San Francisco Examiner


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