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The human cast of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 might have copped a bit of a bashing in the initial reviews, but Stephen Amell really stands out as impulsive vigilante Casey Jones.

Amell really embraced the fallible side of the lovable, hockey-stick-wielding badass, and while he might not have the flowing black locks fans know from the comics, he embodied the character in all the ways that really count.

1. Amell Had A Passion For The Project, Which Shines Through

Stephen Amell in "TMNT 2."
Stephen Amell in "TMNT 2."

The Turtles franchise didn't really get off on the right webbed foot, according to a lot of critics and fans alike, but that didn't put Amell off. Instead, he was totally determined to have his slice of the pizza and really embrace Casey Jones's character. He explained to Entertainment Weekly:

"I pursued it pretty aggressively. I auditioned, I did a tape, I met with some people, I did a chemistry read with Megan [Fox]. Next thing you know, I was offered the job!"

He also really demonstrated his awesome knowledge of the franchise when questioned about why Casey Jones had short hair.

2. He Knows How To Work A Hockey Stick

Of course, Casey Jones is best known for smashing baddies in the skull with a flick of his hockey stick, and Amell is also a dab hand, thanks to a spell playing hockey as a kid:

"I played until I was 13 or 14. There’s also a scene in the movie where I have to skate, and I do know how to rollerblade."

3. He Understands The Turtles' Spiritual Connection To Pizza

When I was a kid, my favorite thing to do was sit at the dinner table wearing my Turtles costume (it was Michelangelo, if you were wondering) while devouring pizza. And it looks like Stephen shares this specific sort of '90s joy:

"I saw all the ’90s live-action movies in the theater with buddies of mine as a kid, and after, we would go home and have a pizza party. We’d eat so much pizza that we’d barf."

4. They Are Kind Of Similar People

Casey Jones gets smashing
Casey Jones gets smashing

Amell said that he thinks he has a lot in common with his TMNT counterpart, and that helped him have a blast playing the role (which totally shows through on screen). The Arrow star explained his love for Casey:

"He leads with his heart and not with his head. He makes mistakes, and he’s funny. I actually found that he was a little closer to my personality than Oliver Queen, who’s much more reserved, quiet, and introspective."

5. He's Totally Up For Returning To TMNT Territory

Amell doesn't see his place in the TMNT Universe as a one-hit wonder, and he proved his commitment by explaining to interviewers that he would be totally up for returning:

"If Turtles does well, I’ll probably end up doing another [Turtles movie]."

6. He Has Sizzling Chemistry With Megan Fox

As soon as the trailer dropped, you just know that Casey Jones and April O'Neil were going to have some totally believable on-screen chemistry.

Do you think Stephen Amell makes a great Casey Jones?

(Source: EW)


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