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Now, with DC's forthcoming Suicide Squad not set to hit theaters until August, you might have thought that things would be a little quite on the DC Extended Universe front for the next few weeks, with the full promotional rollercoaster not likely to get going until a little closer to release. After all, fan awareness of the movie is already pretty high, and broader public interest is unlikely to be fully piqued until the final few weeks before the film's arrival - so it surely doesn't make sense to expend too much time and energy on preemptive promotion.

Except, of course, it doesn't seem like Jared 'The Joker' Leto - or in fairness, the Suicide Squad PR team - got that particular message. Y'see...

Jared Leto Has Started Posting Pictures Of Himself Dressed As The Joker For Some Reason

In fact, as Batman-News recently noticed, he's been downright drowning his Snapchat followers in images of his Clown Prince alter ego...

...which, along with Leto's recent Twitter reveal that he's down in Miami, has gotten many fans a little hot under the collar.

After all, if Leto is down in Florida dressed as The Joker, then that raises a pretty big question:

Just What Does All Of This Mean For Suicide Squad?

Well, quite possibly, nothing whatsoever. It's entirely possible that Leto is simply posting old photos from the Suicide Squad set (reshoots are widely assumed to have finished a while back), and is simply throwing them our way out of fan-service. It's also entirely possible that he is, in fact, dressed up as The Joker in Miami, but only for a photo shoot, or some sort of private corporate event.

Alternatively, though, it's not entirely out of the realms of possibility that Leto could be filming some sort of surreptitious bonus scene - perhaps for the mid-credits of Suicide Squad itself, or even for next year's Wonder Woman or Justice League, Part One. Whatever else, suspecting that might be the case wouldn't be the most out there theory we've collectively had about The Joker over the past few months - so why not let ourselves believe?

At least, until Leto himself debunks it in a few hours time... Until then, though, let's keep our excitement glands sated with another dose of Leto-y goodness, in the form of this shiny Suicide Squad trailer:

Ah, that's better...

What do you reckon, though?


What do you reckon Leto's up to?



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