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First we receive heartbreaking news that dream couple Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have waved love goodbye, and now this? Are we seeing a repeat of the terrible year for romance that was 2015?

According to numerous news outlets, Hollywood hot couple Gigi Hadid and ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik have also called it quits after a whirlwind 7 months together. Apparently, they have been forced to spend a considerable time apart due to busy schedules, which has led to a lot of frustration within their relationship.

However, as with most things in the celeb world, it's hard to believe what's what. After all, Gigi posted the following cryptic message on her Snapchat the other day and unless she's already got a new guy tagging along behind her insanely toned supermodel bod, the "I love you" is most likely meant for Zayn:

Sad times.
Sad times.

Yup, the above is exactly why I'm going to remain hopeful that Zigi will work things out, especially considering they have the most incredible fashion game out of all couples in Hollywood right now. We can't just let that wither away, after all!

And if you need convincing, here are some examples to persuade you that these two are meant to be:

1. Remember when they got up close and personal in Zayn's PILLOWTALK?

Pretty steamy or what?

2. That time they pranced around Italy without a care in the world

It was like that romantic image out of Roman Holiday:

3. Just look at how gorgeous they are!

This was potentially one of the best Vogue photoshoots ever.

4. Are these two not just the most incredible specimens of humankind?

Seriously, how does one even achieve that?

5. *Sigh*

<3 young love.

6. Oh and let's not forget that time they both dressed up as sexy robots at the Met Gala

A couple that wear metallics together, stays together.

7. Or that time they casually left their hotel looking like this

We love you guys! Please get back together!

Do you think Zigi are meant to be?


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