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This is the golden age of television. No doubt about it. But in this age of amazing t.v shows like Game of Thrones, Agents of Shield, House of Cards etc there are also lesser t.v shows that have been unfortunately cancelled due to the ineptitude of the viewing audience. Ratings are now king these days and some genuinely good shows go down the drain due to the general dumbness of the viewing public. Even a show as worthy as Star Trek suffered from bad ratings, but you don't cancel a show just because of that. It picked up later in syndication. With Netflix, we now have the oppurtunity to revive shows on the streaming giant, and here I submit my top list of shows that need to be revived.

1) Firefly

This show was the cowboy space show we all never knew we needed so much in our lives. Involving the renegade crew of the Serenity, we saw Nathan Fillion as the captain of this ship and what a captain he was. There were many moral, ethical and social dilemmas explored on the show that were important regardless of the era(500 years in the future) it portrayed and it remains a popular series to binge watch for people even today. There have been massive campaigns for it's revival and since most of the people involved are still alive today, it isn't difficult to do so. We have had a motion picture and a comic book series, but what we need is a revival. A genuinely good sci-fi show with a western pioneer element thrown in? Sign me up.

2) Hannibal

Involving the cannibalistic drives of a Dr Hannibal Lector, this show was about a foray into the mind of a serial killer who was supremely intelligent, a perfect psychopath if you will. Involving references to art, literature, culture, music and ancient fables enough to delight the cerebral appetite of any viewer. Also, the acting of Mads Mikkelson and Hugh Dancy were something out of a dream, so intense and amazingly horrific. The show had no quips about showing some of the darker elements of murder and death, and the dishes hannibal made were delightfully appeasing to those of a sinister taste. But like all good shows, it was cancelled after season 3, leaving so many burning questions. Did anyone survive the fall? Who is Dr Bedelia waiting for? Please reconsider restarting this show on Netflix.

3) Constantine

As far as Constantine goes, who couldn't like the cursing, demon hunting young Brit who also frequents the darkest dimensions of the underworld. Not to mention the fact that this is Vertigo Comics most successful and popular character. The show was pretty good, it did get slow at certain times, but there was plenty of magic, summonings, and hellspawn to keep the viewer interested in the occult going. Plus NBC kept the advertisement of the show to such a small extent that a lot of viewers found out about it only after it was cancelled. There was plenty we needed to see, what is the rising darkness, what is constantine's backstory, what is the full extent of Zed's powers? All questions that seem to be forever unanswered. As the CW Constantine appearance on Arrow showed, there is nothing you can't do if you put your mind to it when it comes to comic book characters. But CW can also act as a potential revival for the series.

4) Dominion

Ok this is a personal favourite of mine, so sue me. Syfy came up with this brilliant show regarding the sequel to the hit film Legion. God is gone, but he has left a young man with an element of creation. There are only a few cities left, and in Vega this young man called Alex is learning from Michael the Archangel to battle the demon like angel beings possessing humanity(kinda like zombie apocalypse but with angels). This show had it's problems with bad CGI and sometimes over the top campiness but in the second season it really became interesting, with multiple conspiracies, sides, alliances, betrayals and, of course, the reappearance of Lucifer Morningstar. The last battle between Michael and Gabriel was truly epic, something like the recent Batman Vs Superman movie and they really have fleshed out the characters very well in the second season. Dominion has given us a very genuine look into humanity's pitfalls and successes in an apocalyptic scenario and it surely should be saved.

5) Da Vinci's Demons

Involving the great Tom Riley, Da Vinci's Demons was a show about the great man in Italian history, Leonardo Da Vinci. Broiled in the struggles of Naples and it's sister cities, Da Vinci muddles through an exploration of self and science, saving the city from Turks and fake Popes alike. The show has brought to life many of the wondrous inventions to life and has even gone so far as to show Dracula. There is an element of mysticism with the sons of Mithras lurking in the corners. There is also politics, sex and invention about, making it a very interesting series, and also Da Vinci's eternal quest for the book of leaves, a book to change and reshape the future. The show was cancelled after season 3 but producer David Goyer has been open to a mini series. Make it happen.

So what do you think? Are there any shows you would like added? Add them in the comments below!


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