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Yesterday it was confirmed by Joe Quesada of Marvel that the film rights of Namor have returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There has been a lot of excitement since the announcement, lists of fan casting scenarios have been all over the internet. Speculations about his possible role in the Marvel film universe have been debated on forums everywhere. I figured, this is what I do, so time to get to work. In this article I will talk about the person who I would personally vet for as far as playing the role of Namor, and how I hope Namor to be included in the cinematic universe of Marvel.

As far as the fan cast goes, I find it incredibly interesting that the majority I have seen are Asian actors. It's not that it's a bad thing, just that Namor is very much European and is king of Atlantis (an Ancient Greek city from myth). With that being said, my fan cast departs from that a bit. Harry Lloyd is probably best known for his portrayal of notoriously despised sibling of Daenarys Targaryen, Viserys. This is the role that actually makes me want him as Namor. In the comics Namor is incredibly arrogant, brash, and hot tempered. He is kind of a HUGE jerk. Harry Lloyd does an incredible job at this as Viserys in Game of Thrones. While he might have to beef up a little, I feel that even his physique will work as Namor should have the lean physique of a Swimmer, being that he is the king of Atlantis.

Namor is many things in the Marvel universe. Sure he started off as a hero in the comics, but his consistent heir of superiority and "dickish" behavior more oft than not, recently, has put him on a chaotic neutral stance. He is a hero or villain based on whatever suits him that day, and in my personal opinion he is an excellent Antagonist. Most notably, his last rivalry with Black Panther due to him sinking Wakanda in AvX was AMAZING and helped fuel a storyarc that lasted the entire Marvel NOW.

What I would want to happen is Namor be an antagonizing force for Black Panther. Not necessarily in the first film. However, I would love to see him war it out with Black Panther in a huge war, Wakanda vs Atlantis. I think it would be epic, plus you could set up something even bigger. Towards the end of the Marvel now, Namor is booted from the Marvel Illuminati for destroying an alternate Earth recklessly and without a hint of mercy. In response Namor forms a Cabal of villains to do what is necessary by destroying incursion Earth's. In this Cabal are Thanos, Corvus Glave (Thanos' right hand), Proxima Midnight (another of Thanos' lieutenants), Black Swan (a ultra dimensional being that is an occultist of the great Destroyer), Terrax (a herald of Galactus), and Maximus (evil and insane genius brother of Black Bolt).

Now while, you wouldn't be able to necessarily have the exact Cabal scenario that Namor had, you could do similar things with it. The best part of this Cabal arc, is when it backfires in Namor's face. He created a team of people that are far more powerful than him, and he thought he could control them initially, but he was wrong. I think that it would be amazing for him to form this Cabal to destroy Wakanda and it erupt like a huge powder keg. This would result in him being forced to help the Avengers take down the Cabal, and in order to protect Atlantis' future, it would neuter him and force him to play nice.

Namor pleading to doom to help run the cabal
Namor pleading to doom to help run the cabal

This is probably the shortest article I have written, but I hope the content was still up to par. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

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