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Tom Hardy is one of Hollywood's best talents, straight off the success from a good 2015 starring in The Revenant, The Legend and Mad Max: Fury Road. We're 6 months into 2016 and we've yet to see a good look at the British-born actor, but fans of Peaky Blinders will be sure to see more of him. While waiting for his next big movie (Dunkirk), lets take a look at some facts you mightn't have known about him!

1. He had a dog named Max when he was a teenager

Call this an astronomical coincidence or an expert level of foreshadowing, but when Hardy was a teenager, he had a dog named Max on which he named after the hit 1979 film (Mad Max) that spawned a sequel to which he starred in.

2. He battled drugs and alcohol problems, but came out the winner!

In the past, Hardy has been known to have problems with alcohol and drug addiction but has been sober since 2003! Hell of an achievement, so kudos to Hardy!

3. He's worked with Gary Oldman FOUR times!

The pair have shared their fair amount of decent films together, with the four being: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Dark Knight Rises, Child 44 and Lawless.

4. He was supposed to star in Suicide Squad

As much as I think Joel Kinnaman will do an adequate job as Rick Flagg, it's hard to deny how great the movie would've been with Hardy as the leader of the crew. The reason he dropped out was due to scheduling conflicts with the 2015 hit film, The Revenant. It was a dream casting that was short lived before being taken away. Oh well.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio convinced him to star in The Revenant

The pair became friends on the set of Inception (2010) and since then they are still one of Hollywood's coolest friendships. DiCaprio convinced Hardy to read The Revenant script for the role of John Fitzgerald to which he went on to get an Academy Award nomination.

6. His first name isn't Tom!

Many actors opt not to use their original first name in Hollywood. It might not be catch or memorable enough and Tom Hardy is no exception to this rule, his original name is Edward Thomas Hardy. I agree, Edward Hardy doesn't stick quite as well.

7. Hugh Jackman would like him as the next Wolverine

It's hard to imagine life where Hugh Jackman isn't Wolverine, but in Hollywood it's inevitable. Tom Hardy would be my top choice to portray Wolverine and Hugh Jackman agrees!

8. He was once a model!

When he was 21, Tom Hardy won a modelling competition called The Big Breakfast on Channel 4 but opted for acting instead, because he said he was more comfortable with it. Can you imagine all the amazing roles we would never have seen if he stuck to modelling? Thankfully, there is footage of his time on this show which you can check out below!

9. He's heavily involved with different charities!

It's always nice to see celebrities involved with charities and Tom Hardy is on that list. He does work with a homeless charity based in Cambridge called FLACK but he also helps with Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and The Prince’s Trust also! This makes him an even more likable guy than he already was!

So that's it guys, were there any there that you already knew? If you have more facts, be sure to put them in the comments! Follow my page for more similar articles.


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