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A few weeks ago, I shared how Namor could already be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If rumors are to be believed, it seems that this is even more of a possibility. According to Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, Namor the Sub-Mariner is making his way back home to Marvel Studios. With Namor’s TV and film rights previously belonging to Universal, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has called this character's situation “complicated." That's putting it lightly, Mr. Feige. So, whether you chose to believe this rumor or not, there are considerable ways to tie to what is currently happening in the . But first, let's get to know the Sub-Mariner, starting with his last onscreen appearance in 1966:

Who Is Namor?

Namor (a.k.a. Namor McKenzie) is Marvel’s first mutant, one of their earliest characters, and the King of Atlantis born with superhuman strength, flight, agility and nearly impenetrable skin. Spanning over 70 years of comic publication, Namor is extremely arrogant and charismatic, knowing that he is capable of defeating nearly any opponent. The Sub-Mariner has fought alongside Captain America (against Hitler and the Red Skull’s forces in the 1940s), forming the Invaders during that time (with Cap, Bucky, the original Human Torch and his sidekick Toro, Union Jack, and Spitfire) which acted as the primary superhero team to fight against the Axis powers in World War II.

After this, we find Namor on board with many other teams, including the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Defenders, the Cabal, the Illuminati, and the X-Men. What an overachiever! Despite his willingness to team up with some of Marvel's greatest heroes, his priority has always been to his kingdom and home, Atlantis, which has at times put him at odds with humans and Marvel's heroes. Namor has the reputation he does for a reason, showing his quick temper and massive strength anytime he has a reason. He has challenged just about anybody who questions his authority or claims to be better than him. This brings us to the many ways he could be brought into the MCU.

4 Ways the Sub-Mariner Could Join the MCU

1. The Hulk vs. the Sub-Mariner

Always hating the fact that he was considered a "close second" to the Hulk, Namor's rivalry with him was always brutal and filled with egocentric intensity. One such storyline that could bring us Namor is when his cousin, Lady Dorma, finds Bruce Banner unconsciously floating in the sea and takes pity on him. Dorma takes Bruce down to Atlantis for medical attention, not realizing that she has just brought the Incredible Hulk into their waters. When Namor finds out, he flies into his typical rage looking for the human, only to find himself confronted by the Hulk instead. This would be a fantastic way to bring the Sub-Mariner into the MCU as it could be as simple as a beginning misunderstanding to a full out battle of the fittest.

2. Iron Man vs. the Sub-Mariner

The comics bring us an epic three-part story that features an incredible battle between Iron Man and Namor that ranks as one of Namor's greatest battles. Iron Man is at one of his lowest points after battling both the Mandarin and Ultimo, and finds himself on the run from authorities. With his armor needing to be charged, he eventually has a run-in with Namor that leads to an all out slugfest that I can only imagine on the big screen.

Can you imagine Iron Man, in the aftermath of everything he learned from his battle with Captain America and the Winter Solider in Captain America: Civil War, attempting to take on one of the universe's strongest beings? This could even be a way to bring us the final chapter for Tony Stark! Unconventional? Yes, but I think it could be great, if done correctly.

3. The Atlantis/Wakanda War

A more recent story, from New Avengers #7, features a tale involving hostilities between Prince Namor's Atlantis and King T'Challa's Wakanda. This could be the way that Marvel's Black Panther brings us into the world of both these great nations. I know this specific comic's characterization of these characters is a fabulous thing to read and, after the events of Captain America: Civil War, could be a natural transition discussing the differences and ramifications of representing nations rather than being simple vigilantes (plus, it could bring us incursions, which may be where we see Doctor Strange tying Phase 3 together with the rest of Thanos's end game).

4. The Fantom Five

The Fathom Five are a team of sea-dwelling terrorists led by the rumored son of Namor, Llyron, who has a superhuman physicality and energy blasts. With their collective power-set — each masterfully controlling different aspects of the sea, oceanic creatures, or themselves — the group poses a multi-layered threat as they seek to wipe out humanity. This would make a refreshing change for Namor's intro to be immediately following a villainous group that is intricately connected to him and giving a reason to bring Atlantis to light rather than just another origin story. This would be the way I would go, as you could really bring the Fantom Five into anyone's solo film as long as it meant a team-up with Namor.

How would you introduce Namor to the MCU?


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