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Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's Preacher debuted two weeks ago on AMC to an enthusiastic response from fans and critics alike. The three main characters had some of the best introductory scenes that we've seen in a long time, especially Tulip O'Hare, and now we have a new clip of the pint-sized badass hustling some fools during a poker game, courtesy of EW.

Unfortunately, our embed code is buggered at the moment, so you'll have to console yourself with my humble GIF offering and click the EW link above for the full video.

It shouldn't surprise us that Tulip is as skilled at cards as she is at killing hitmen while trapped in a speeding vehicle. The way she eyeballs Clive just before he goes upstairs with his — girlfriend? Prostitute? — says Clive is a bad, bad man who is in for a bad, bad time if he hurts her.

Is it so wrong that I'm kind of hoping he tries to, just so Tulip has an excuse to kick his ass? She's poetry in motion when she fights.

The TV Adaptation Of Tulip O'Hare Has Been Refreshing

Tulip's a woman of many layers, and it's great that her on-screen adaptation is being written in a way that portrays her as more strong and capable than she initially is in the comics. Actress Ruth Negga is doing a fine job of capturing the subtle quirks and nuances that have made Tulip one of the most interesting characters to appear in a TV show in quite some time.

The second episode of Preacher picks back up this Sunday on AMC.


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