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Freya the Staffordshire bull terrier has won the heart of Hollywood blockbuster director Michael Bay. The poor dog made UK news last month when she was featured on ITV's Good Morning Britain.

The pup suffers from epilepsy and has been in a shelter the entirety of her six-year life. Freya has reportedly been rejected more than 18,000 times over the years, based on traffic to the shelter where she lives. It's enough to make a person bawl.

She even has her own Facebook page, lobbying her cause and showcasing her soulful puppy eyes.

Well, that Facebook page, coupled with her recent media attention, has landed her a sweet Hollywood ending. Freya caught the attention of none other than known animal enthusiast and big-time director Michael Bay.

Bay tweeted yesterday:

Freya has been recruited for a role in Transformers: The Last Knight. Her beautiful mug joins the likes of Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel, which may just put this film into the territory of cuteness overload.

The movie only recently started filming in Cuba. But what happens to Freya after filming wraps? Sounds like Bay is devoted to making sure she never has to return to the shelter:

If Freya did indeed end up at Bay's home, she'd be in good company. The director already owns two bullmastiffs, Bonecrusher and Grace, and between his two properties in LA and Miami there should be plenty of room for all three of the big dogs to run and play.

Debbie Hughes of Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre in the UK responded to this lovely news, saying:

"To have this publicity is not just great for ... Freya but the other 40 dogs we have."

Freshfields still has plenty of dogs, cats, small critters and farmyard friends that need a home, so animal lovers, unite!

Sources: The Mirror, BBC

Where do you think Freya will show up in the new Transformers film?


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