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Bottom line, don't come for Stephen Amell, or he will come for you.

Arrow and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 actor Stephen Amell is one of the least shy actors on social media, always interacting with his fans and doing live interviews on Facebook. As cool as it is, this can also be a con for fans who think they are clever and try calling him out on social media. Usually, Stephen kindly listens to the criticism and responds appropriately to his fans, giving them the benefit of the doubt. However, this time he let 'em rip on his Twitter!

Stephen has been busy doing press for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 all over the world, and his most recent stop was Wizard World Philly where he did some press for the film and red carpet interviews. At the day's end, a fan sent out a tweet tagging Amell, accusing him of rejecting their interview for no reason other than to go to a bar:

Could this be? The most fan-friendly actor snubbed his own fans to go throw a few back? In no time, Stephen tweeted a not-so-kind response, calling the fans out for their inappropriate blog/show title (PopCultureWhore) as the culprit for him not doing the interview, and offering them a second chance. Amell responded:

Wowzer! I love Amell when he is this candid. Frankly, it's hilarious and I am definitely team Amell in this case. He did in fact go to a bar later that afternoon to watch a game, and tweeted about it, but that wasn't why he declined the interview. The name of their outlet, as said above, is really shady! I mean, what celebrity would feel comfortable talking to them? Also, having been on many red carpets to do interviews, and I know firsthand that the celebs rarely EVER finish the press line, and I have been the one passed by so many that I had been hoping to talk to while standing there at the ready. It also can depend on the size of your outlet, and whether the celebrity and their publicist thinks your outlet is worth their time. This is just the way it works, nothing personal. Also, celebs schedules are insane, especially when promoting a film, so they often don't have control of whether they can finish a press line or not. Of course, fans quickly jumped to Steven's defense and the unprofessional-ism of the website.

Personally, I think these "fans" may want to consider changing their outlet name before going after one of the most fan attentive/fan friendly actors in the business. So what, they didn't get an interview, I myself have missed out on so many just like them, and if they were professional, they wouldn't have made all this effort to call Amell out online and attack his integrity.


Are you on Amell's side in this Twitter war?


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