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Plenty of Stephen King's creations have already gotten the Hollywood treatment, with new takes on It and The Dark Tower on the way. But that's not all, because another one of the prolific writer's tales is being prepped for film.

James Franco is set to star in and co-produce Drunken Fireworks, a film adaptation of the King short story of the same name. Franco will star as mechanic Alden McCausland, who competes with a retired mob boss in his town's annual Fourth of July fireworks competition.

The script for Drunken Fireworks will be written by frequent Franco collaborator Matt Rager, who's had plenty of experience adapting books and stories to the screen. Rager wrote Franco-directed William Faulkner adaptations The Sound and the Fury and As I Lay Dying, as well as his upcoming John Steinbeck adaptation In Dubious Battle. Currently, no director is attached to Drunken Fireworks.

King's original story is full of dark comedy, with McCausland's ever-heightening feud with mob boss Nicky Serrano driving the plot. That should prove a solid fit for Franco, who's shown plenty of range by hopping between serious dramatic roles and goofy comedy. The actor also impressed in Hulu's Stephen King adaptation 11.22.63, displaying a firm grasp of the author's story. With his penchant for book-to-movie adaptations, there's no doubt Franco's involvement will elevate the upcoming film.

Have you read Drunken Fireworks? Do you think James Franco is the right actor to star in the adaptation? Let us know in the comments.

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